Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is Returning To Supernatural For The 300th Episode

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Supernatural has managed to bring back an awful lot of its characters from the early seasons, including some that have been killed off, but one key character from the beginning of the show has been absent in the flesh for more than a decade. John Winchester is a Supernatural character that -- once killed -- has not been brought back to life and then thrown into the fold on a recurring basis. Well, we now have some very good news for fans: Jeffrey Dean Morgan is coming back.

Yes, Supernatural is going to celebrate its milestone 300th episode by bringing Jeffrey Dean Morgan back into the fold. The 300th episode will be called "Lebanon" and hit the airwaves on Thursday, February 7 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Unfortunately, additional details about his return are currently unavailable, and we can't even 100% guarantee that he'll be playing John Winchester.

This is after all a universe occupied by shape-shifters and Tricksters and all kinds of beings that would undoubtedly be happy to mess with the Winchesters by taking the form of their dearly departed dad. That said, the odds are pretty good that we'll get Jeffrey Dean Morgan back as John Winchester. Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb had this to say about Morgan's return:

We're incredibly excited to have Jeffrey back for this milestone episode, and think fans will love what we have planned for his character... and a few other surprise guest stars.

Andrew Dabb referred to "his character," which gives the impression that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will reprise the role that has made him a legend among Supernatural fans. For a character who only contributed to 12 episodes of the series (only lending his voice in two of those) his legacy has continued to impact the Winchester boys and how they operate at saving people and hunting things. Interestingly, Dabb also teased "other surprise guest stars." Supernatural fans can undoubtedly enjoy speculating about who else might be back.

It's a fairly good bet that John Winchester won't be resurrected for the sake of his return in "Lebanon." Misha Collins recently revealed that "there's a little bit of time travel that comes into play" for the 300th episode, so John could be present as a blast from the past. Based on the title of the episode, it may be at least partially set at the Men of Letters bunker, which is located in Lebanon, Kansas.

The boys have managed to get into plenty of trouble without even leaving the bunker in the past, including an animated adventure. Even if the entire episode is set in the bunker, a lot can happen, and we can be confident that the Supernatural team has something special planned for the milestone 300th installment.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has of course been busy fighting zombies and bashing people with a baseball bat over on AMC as The Walking Dead's Negan, but that doesn't mean he forgot one of his first significant TV roles. He and Jensen Ackles had a cute exchange on Twitter not so long ago after Ackles posted a pic of him holding a Lucile lookalike, and that lookalike actually made an appearance in an episode of Season 12. A Season 14 episode also made mention of zombies.

All things considered, Supernatural fans have a lot to look forward to with the upcoming 300th episode. It sounds quite different from the musical 200th episode, and we can look forward to Jeffrey Dean Morgan back. Supernatural recently aired its midseason finale and therefore won't be back until 2019, but be sure to mark Thursday, February 7 on your calendar as the date for the 300th episode of Supernatural. For some viewing options in the meantime, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule.

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