Supernatural's 300th Episode Will Show A Different Version Of Cas

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Supernatural is coming up on a major milestone. It is not its 100th or 200th episode. Those have been in the rearview mirror of the Winchesters' wheels for a while now. Supernatural is hurtling towards its 300th episode. Yes, you read that correctly. The incredible accomplishment will be met with a special installment that will involve a twist for Cas. Misha Collins revealed:

There's a little bit of time travel that comes into play in the 300th episode, and we'll see a different version of Cas.

If your mind is racing, you are unlikely to be alone. Misha Collins' tease to TVLine is quite exciting. What it will mean for Dean and Sam's friend is another issue. But, it has the makings of something exciting for the character.

So far, we know that life in the Bunker will be the central focus of the 300th episode. The episode will linger on the guys' daily routines and regimens, per Hypable. All of which sounds ambitious and delightful. How time travel and viewers encountering a different version of Cas fits into that will be intriguing to discover. Granted, Misha Collins said there would be a "little bit" of time travel. So, not necessarily an episode full of it.

In a description of the episode, there is a mention of it exploring how people in Lebanon, Kansas perceive Sam, Dean, and Cas. There is also a bit about meeting a few old friends in the episode, per Collider. You know a good way to meet up with old friends? Time travel.

It is all setting up to be quite a tremendous episode for long-time viewers. Cas fans have got to be pleased to know that he will not only be featured in the 300th episode, but he will do so in what sounds like a significant way. How different will this other version be? Perhaps, this version of Cas is not a big fan of trench coats? That would be tragic.

Whatever the show gets up to with its time travel twist, it will be nothing shy of impressive. Supernatural has been on the air for 14 years and is showing no signs of stopping. To have accomplished that many episodes and still have fans on the edge of their seats is a major testament to the series and those who work on it.

The cast and crew recently celebrated the occasion on a red carpet. They have more than earned it. So, prepare to enjoy the suspenseful wait to see the landmark 300th episode, which will likely take "supernatural" restraint!

An air date for Supernatural's 300th episode has not yet been set. When it does air, it should do so in the series' usual time slot. New episodes of Supernatural air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. The horror series is among many shows airing new episodes this fall and throughout the midseason, so be sure to keep up with everything coming your way in the next few months.

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