Game Of Thrones' Lyanna Mormont Star Was 'Petrified' Fans Would Hate Her

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One of Game of Thrones’ breakout characters in Season 6 was Lyanna Mormont. However, the actress who played her was worried that would not be the case. Bella Ramsey has revealed that she was concerned that fans would not like Lyanna. Sharing why, Ramsey said:

I was petrified when [Season 6] came out, as I [was] expecting people to hate what I’d done and not like Lyanna. I was scared I’d be received in a bad way. I was very shocked people liked my performance.

It is always a pleasant surprise when people share positive responses. Contrary to the fears Bella Ramsey expressed to Metro, she and Lyanna were a huge hit with Game of Thrones fans. In fact, the character and the actress’ portrayal earned widespread acclaim.

Lyanna Mormont’s lines blew up after she debuted in Season 6. The character even starred in quite a few memes. Pop culture status? Cemented.

Despite Game of Thrones having come to an end, Bella Ramsey has shared that she can count on one of her former co-stars for advice. It turns out that Jon Snow’s portrayer, Kit Harington, has proven a helpful resource for the actress. Ramsey shared:

[Kit Harington] always said [to go to him] if I want some bad advice, but I don’t think his advice is bad! When I went to the BAFTAs I asked him about live interviews, what advice he would give, and he said ‘just be yourself and don’t try to say what you think people want you to.’ That’s the best advice you can give.

Sounds like good advice to me! For those wondering, Lyanna will be back for Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season. Time will tell if she takes part in as iconic a scene as giving the stirring speech that led to Jon Snow being declared the “King in the North.” It will be interesting to see what the Lady of Bear Island makes of the Mother of Dragons.

Season 8 should be an eventful one for Lyanna Mormont. As the niece of the late Lord Commander Jeor Mormont, Lyanna is the first cousin of Daenerys’ beloved friend, Jorah Mormont. He is heading to Winterfell, along with many others. Given that Lyanna is a frequent visitor there, the two should be able to enjoy a sweet (or not so sweet, considering the Mormonts) family reunion.

Thankfully, he has been cured of greyscale, so it will be a cheerier meeting than it would have been otherwise. According to the recently leaked cast list for the Season 8 premiere, Lyanna’s theoretical reunion with her cousin may be happening early in the season.

Bella Ramsey and Iain Glen are among those listed to appear in the first episode. Unlike past seasons, where that has not meant that those actors will be sharing scenes, Season 8 is set up to be different. Jorah could be spotted near Daenerys in some of the official footage revealed from the final season.

Lyanna is fervently Team Stark, and Jorah is Team Daenerys. Hopefully, that will not cause any tension. Given that both sides are at peace, or at least seem to be, that should not be an issue.

See how House Mormont handles Season 8 when it finally gets underway. Another day, another day closer to Game of Thrones' final season. Season 8 premieres Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. It is among a lot of new TV content awaiting viewers in the midseason.

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