Netflix Calms Panicking The Vampire Diaries Fans, But Also Restarts Caroline Debate

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The Vampire Diaries is leaving Netflix March 1. That unnerving news spread across The Vampire Diaries Universe, and even executive producer Julie Plec got in on the act, tweeting with confusion before realizing her show wasn't leaving for U.S. users. It's "only" leaving in Australia and New Zealand. Netflix eventually got in on the act to assure American fans their supernatural content was safe -- and then they randomly dragged Caroline Forbes Salvatore's TVD and The Originals ships into the conversation:

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Netflix you can try to shade our 'ship love, but we will sail right through it. Replies consisted of one ALL CAPS fan once again needing assurance that she wouldn't be losing The Vampire Diaries, and Netflix ANZ feeling dragged because their countries are losing the shows.

But most of the replies came from Klaroline fans who needed everyone to know there is no debate -- Klaus and Caroline were the supreme ship. Of course, not everyone would agree -- like the writers of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. They obviously felt differently since they went for Steroline and paired Caroline with Stefan at the end of Vampire Diaries, at least until Stefan died. Over on The Originals, Klaus died too. So, really, Caroline ended up with no one. Not even her own twins, since she barely seems to see them on Legacies.

After The Originals finale, Julie Plec said that, had Klaus lived, he and Caroline could have ended up together. But, she added, "As a fan, I didn't want to dishonor Stefan by having Klaus become Caroline's one true love."

That was a bit of salt in the wound for fans who wanted to see Klaus live, and see Klaroline thrive. The Vampire Diaries ended with that letter from Klaus to Caroline, and the promise of more between them. We only got a little taste of that in the final season of The Originals.

Some fans were rooting for Steroline, but there were also plenty rooting for Stelena -- for Stefan to end up with Elena Gilbert, as fans might have expected from the start of The Vampire Diaries. That was not the case either, for different reasons, and Elena ended up marrying Stefan's brother Damon Salvatore. They both ended the series human, and we left them together in Mystic Falls, where Dr. Elena Salvatore opened a practice.

Legacies -- the joint spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals -- is airing Season 1 Thursdays nights on The CW. A recent episode updated that Damon and Elena were raising kids together, including a daughter they named Stefanie in honor of Stefan. But we shouldn't expect to see Damon actor Ian Somerhalder or Elena actress Nina Dobrev on Legacies anytime soon.

Speaking of Stefan, though, actor Paul Wesley returned to his old stomping ground to direct an episode of Legacies, which will be airing pretty soon. And we're always on standby to see if Legacies will bring back Candice King as Caroline Forbes, since Caroline has already been mentioned many times on the spinoff. Joseph Morgan has not been on Legacies either, but Klaus Mikaelson's daughter Hope is the main character, and the show recently gave fans a big update on Klaus in the afterlife.

For now, at least you know The Vampire Diaries will still be streaming in the U.S., Canada, and many other places not called Australia or New Zealand. Apologizes to ANZ, though, since this is your loss and that's not cool.

Legacies airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW as one of the many TV shows airing in the 2019 midseason.

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