Gotham Introduces The Ventriloquist And Scarface To Penguin And Nygma In Exclusive Clip

Gotham sadly only has a handful of episodes left before it floats off into that exploding Batcave in the sky, though I guess that depends on how big those hands are. A pair of small and dangerous ones will be popping up in "Nothing's Shocking" by way of Scarface and The Ventriloquist, with the latter looking an awful lot like Arthur Penn. Check out their introduction below, which also features some masterfully arch dialogue between Penguin and Nygma.

Mere months ago, Gotham fans were disappointed to learn that the shortened Season 5 meant that some story elements would end up on the chopping block, such as giving Scarface a run at primetime TV. But because Fox granted the comic book drama a few more go-for-broke episodes, the writers were able to factor the killer dummy into the villain-filled final run.

Unfortunately, we don't get to see Scarface going ballistic on anyone in the clip above (though it was awesome to see Nygma blowing off some steam by hollering at Penguin). We don't get to learn much of anything about ye olde Mr. Scarface at all, beyond the fact that he definitely has some kind of a mental hold on Penguin's formerly deceased accountant.

Where did Scarface come from, though? Was he present whenever Arthur found himself back in the land of the living, however that went down? Or did the dummy somehow call out to Arthur to find him and take him to Penguin? No matter what the scenario may be, something stranger has already happened on Gotham, so anything is possible.

Just look at that ugly mug.

scarface dummy gotham season 5

Penguin goes through a series of emotions during this clip, from happy to aggravated to confused to frustrated, while Nygma solely teeters on the edge of discontent. He's not happy about having to do all the submarine-related things by himself, and he's not so pleased with Penguin in any other capacity, either.

So once a seemingly resurrected associate of Penguin's enters the room claiming he's being guided by the actions of a ventriloquist dummy, what other response could Nygma possibly show off beyond exasperated sarcasm? Seems like Riddler and Scarface would get along like gangbusters, but Riddler is currently out of the picture. Cory Michael Smith's chops have already landed him a Gotham follow-up project, and I'm hoping he fully unleashes the beast before the season is over.

What will happen to Penguin now that Arthur has returned with a new friend? Will the two villains collide in a physical brawl, or will things be more amicable, with both agreeing to co-exist within this torn-to-shit Gotham City? Third option: what if it's revealed that Scarface is the REAL human, and Arthur Penn (or whoever) is the actual dummy?

penguin eyebrow raising gif

I'd also be interested in seeing a Jeremiah dummy. Or in Jeremiah's chemical-burned body being used as a dummy. That second one would be way more gross to maneuver, though.

While thinking about other things entirely, know that Gotham airs Thursdays on Fox at 8:00 p.m. ET, with "Nothing's Shocking" airing tonight, February 28.

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