Gotham's Cory Michael Smith Already Landed His Next New Show

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(Image credit: Fox)
(Image credit: Fox)

Cory Michael Smith has spent five seasons riddling it up on Fox thanks to his role as Ed Nygma on Gotham, but that show is sadly ending in the not-too-distant future. The good news for fans who were already mourning his absence on the small screen is that Smith has already landed a brand new series, and it promises to showcase a very different side of him than Gotham. Cory Michael Smith will co-star in Amazon's upcoming Utopia show.

Utopia will be based on a British series of the same name, and it will be written by author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn. If you're at all familiar with Flynn's body of work, you can probably guess that Cory Michael Smith's new project isn't exactly going to be a sitcom filled with zany shenanigans. She is the mind behind Gone Girl and Sharp Objects, after all!

The show will follow a group of young adults who encounter each other online. Unfortunately, they get their hands on an "underground graphic novel," according to Deadline, which is filled with conspiracy theories that may just be true. Unfortunately for these young adults, there is a deep state organization that doesn't want those theories getting out, and they wind up in a position where they can save the world.

Basically, Utopia will feature a whole bunch of twists most of us wouldn't expect from meeting people online or picking up a comic book! Cory Michael Smith apparently won't be playing one of the unexpected heroes, but don't count on him wearing a snazzy green suit and communicating via riddles.

Cory Michael Smith is on board to play a character by the name of Thomas Christie. Smart and always looking for a way to move up the ranks, he is an employee under his dad at Christie Laboratories, and the task of tracking down the graphic novel falls to him. He's not looking for it just because he's a fan of reading comics, however; the reasons for wanting the book aren't exactly altruistic.

Given that only one copy of the graphic novel exists -- fittingly called Utopia -- we can probably count on Thomas crossing lines in pursuit of what he wants. The cast so far includes Cougar Town vet Dan Bird, The Office's Rainn Wilson, and American Honey's Sasha Lane. While Utopia will tackle a graphic novel and seemingly pit good guys vs. bad guys in a high-stakes game, it still sounds quite different from Gotham. I certainly wouldn't count on Penguin showing up!

Interestingly, this isn't the first time that an adaptation of Utopia for an American market has been in the works. Back in 2015, David Fincher was reportedly slated to team up with Rooney Mara for a version of Utopia on HBO. That obviously never happened; now, a version is finally coming together.

Unfortunately, there's no news at this point of when Utopia could be ready to hit the web on Amazon. For some viewing options coming up, including some on Amazon, check out our midseason TV premiere schedule!

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