The Blacklist's Two-Hour Event Made A Killing With Viewers

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The Blacklist’s two-hour event was a hit! The special back-to-back airing of the NBC crime drama made a killing with viewers. How well did it do? Here is what the numbers say.

The two-hour event started strong, pulling in 4.3 million in total viewers during its first half. The Blacklist’s second hour did not wander too far away from that number. Part 2 brought in 4 million total viewers, per TVLine. When it came to its demo rating, it remained the same for both hours with a 0.6, and that is not where the positive news ends.

The first hour’s performance in total viewers marked a season-high for The Blacklist. For its sixth season, NBC shuffled the crime drama to Friday nights. NBC has not renewed it for another season yet. However, with numbers such as these, there is a reason to be hopeful regarding its chances.

So far this season, The Blacklist has been hovering near the ratings it got for the two-hour event. Before its mega-installment, the highest performing episode of Season 6 had been Episode 6 (“The Ethicist”), which garnered 4.24 million viewers, per TV By The Numbers. Its latest performance puts The Blacklist improving on those numbers by a nice number.

To have a larger audience than the season premiere during the season is a great sign. Based on how The Blacklist is maintaining its audience, it is clear there is a core viewership that is still very much invested in the series.

The two-hour event marked the second similar bow of Season 6. Unlike the season premiere, which compellingly played out over two nights, this installment played out on a single one. There were many reasons for Blacklist fans to be excited about this event in particular. That may have led to its awesome viewer numbers.

The show had teased the two-hour event as an installment that would drop a lot of big reveals, and it delivered. Accordingly, a lot of answers relating to Red and Liz’s mom were provided, which meant many revelations to long-awaited questions.

The two-hour event also marked the culmination of the courtroom drama that had been playing out with Red. In the end, he was found “not guilty” of treason, although he remains incarcerated. The trailer for the next episode hinted that he might not stay that way for long.

The Blacklist ended its two-hour event with the tease of yet another thrilling episode. Hence, there is hope it can build upon its ratings momentum heading into the next one. There was no new episode this week, giving fans an extra week to consider what they learned.

Find out how Red’s get out of jail plan works when The Blacklist returns with new episodes Friday, March 8 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The crime drama is among many shows offering fresh content during the midseason.

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