The Blacklist Set Up Both Red And Liz For The Death Penalty

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Warning: Spoilers for the latest episode of The Blacklist Season 6 -- "Alter Ego (#131)" lie ahead.

The Blacklist has returned and by episode's end, the series had set both Liz and Red up for the death penalty. How? The crime drama came roaring back with another installment featuring courtroom drama. Acting as his own attorney (again) Red mounted an incredible defense for himself.

Unfortunately, it did not work out. The judge ruled Red's weapons charge would stick. Meaning he broke his immunity agreement and is facing the death penalty. By the end of The Blacklist, Red vowed that whoever set him up would share his fate. Translation: Liz is in mortal danger.

To be fair, Red made it clear that what happens to him will happen to his traitor. So, if Red escapes the death penalty, so can Liz. While Red lost his latest legal battle, he has yet to lose the war. Let’s face it: Red is unlikely to be found guilty and sentenced to death. Or is he?

I have to admit -- The Blacklist took me by surprise. Heading into this episode, I thought Red’s legal woes would end in "Alter Ego." The battle continuing seems to indicate that Red may not escape the law -- not legally. As in, Red may have to break out of prison if he wants to avoid his fate.

Of course, the business with the recording did not lead to Liz being exposed, so who knows. The Blacklist has an expertise for painting its characters into corners they seem unlikely to escape. So, Red legally avoiding his fate is still on the table. It is in Liz’s best interest to help him do so.

The reality that Liz did not just take Red out of commission temporarily became evident in this episode. He is in hot water, and Liz is just watching him boil. She seems to feel no guilt that he is facing the death penalty.

Liz knows he did not kill the Raymond Reddington of record to assume his identity. Her actions are not about avenging her father’s murder. They are mainly due to her belief he lied to her about being her father. Or as someone else could argue, let her believe. Leveling the death penalty on him for that is excessive.

Not too mention, she has jeopardized the task force’s operation. No more Red means no Blacklist and catching important criminal targets. How many lives has she put at stake by trying to kill Red? If he dies, they will go free.

By betraying Red, Liz has put herself at risk of receiving the death penalty. Agnes already lost her father, and now Liz’s actions could mean her losing her mother too. Liz knows what happened with Mr. Kaplan and how Red feels about betrayal. She should not have risked it.

The Blacklist has not put Red and Liz’s life in any less danger with “Alter Ego.” It has ratcheted up their endangerment ten-fold. Since they are the stars of the show, they will have to survive their current predicaments. Right? Here is hoping. The question is how they will manage it.

If anyone can, it is Red and Liz. Find out if they survive when new episodes of The Blacklist Season 6 air Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The crime drama is among many series reprising their runs with new seasons throughout the midseason.

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