Game of Thrones' latest trailer may have given some answers towards the fate of certain characters, but as usual, the new footage has presented fans with more questions than they have answers for. In no particular order, here are some of the big moments from the official Season 8 trailer that have us asking some bigger questions ahead of the premiere.

The Ship Game of Thrones HBO

The Ship

Is That The Golden Company? Is this our first look at Game of Thrones mysterious mercenary army? It's hard to say given gold is a color both Lannister and Greyjoys tend to use in their banners, which could mean these are just standard soldiers for either respective house. With that said, Cersei did have plans to bring the army in, so perhaps this is them appearing via Euron's ships.

Is That Jaime Up Top? From a distance, it appears that the men are being commanded by none other than Jaime Lannister, but don't be so sure. Jaime is seen with a different hairstyle and darker hair in later shots, and this guy appears to have both of his hands. This is either an oversight by the crew, another familiar character, or possibly a completely new one making his way into the late stages of the game.

Where Are They Headed? These ships could be on their way into King's Landing, or possibly traveling up north to convene with the Northern forces. It's hard to say from this quick shot, but one would think if these troops are the Golden Company, they'll venture to both eventually.

Jaime Lannister Game Of Thrones HBO

Jaime's Speech

Will Jaime Keep His Promise? Jaime has been shown to be pretty loyal in Game of Thrones' latter seasons, so when he says he'll fight for the living, we're inclined to believe him. If he's fully in Jon and Dany's corner for the big fight, will this partnership make it harder for him to turn on them as his sister intends?

Is There A Time Jump? No disrespect to Jaime (or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) but he's looking a little aged compared to how he looked at the end of Season 7. There's even what looks like some gray in his beard and sideburns, which could mean a stretch of time passes as Season 8 goes on. No guarantees though, as obviously this whole chain of events would presumably happen rather quickly once the White Walkers attack.

Will Jaime Betray Cersei? Jaime can fight for the living, and then resign to fighting surviving humans after that threat is gone. Jaime's gone too far to turn his back on his sister now, especially now that she's carrying another of his children. Still, there's that whole prophecy about how Cersei will die, so his line in the sand to fight for the living may set the stage for him to end his sister's life.

Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones HBO

Cersei Crying

Obviously, Why Is Cersei Crying? Cersei Lannister, crying? It's not the first time we've seen it, although tears from the Lannister queen don't happen all that often, so something must've happened that has her all up in her feelings. Really the only person she has left to cry for is Jaime, so does this involve him?

Is Cersei Actually Crying? Let's not forget that Cersei Lannister is far and away the most manipulative player in Game of Thrones, and those could be crocodile tears for whoever is there to see them. Is that half-smirk at the end because she just got away with something, or is that something else?

What's With The Clothes? Those duds look far less regal than she'd wear in public, so clearly this moment happens at a time where she's not expected to be in front of others. It could be lounge-wear, or possibly pajamas? We're left to wonder.

Arya Stark Game Of Thrones HBO

Arya Looking Bloodied

WHAT'S HAPPENING? The trailer opens up with Arya on the run, with only flashes of light hitting her face as she sprints down the corridor. There's blood on her face, but is that from a gash she suffered or is that the blood of someone else? Is the Stark's fiercest warrior on the ropes?

What Is She Running From? Obviously Arya is running from some sort of threat, but what threat? Are these White Walkers chasing her or human adversaries? Whoever or whatever it is, it's enough of a threat that the young heroine is seemingly struggling to stand her ground.

Where Is She? One would assume this is happening at Winterfell, as Arya doesn't really have any reason to travel elsewhere at the moment. Still, dungeons and dark corridors are a dime a dozen, so she could just as easily be navigating the dungeons of King's Landing and escaping Kingsguard after a botched attempt to kill Cersei. The latter feels unlikely, but one has to think with an open mind in these situations!

Crypts Winterfell Game of Thrones HBO

The Crypts Of Winterfell

Why Do They Look Worried? Varys and these women and children are likely in the crypts because they're useless in battle, so it's best to keep them out of harm's way. A little fear is to be expected in these circumstances, but this looks to be a mixture of confusion and concern. What's happening here?

What Are They Hearing? It looks like everyone is reacting to noises from above the crypts, although we don't hear what. Are they hearing the battle rage on, or are they hearing the arrival of White Walkers at the castle walls? Perhaps they're hearing a dragon shriek, but not the two they're familiar with?

How Protected Are They? Let's be honest, if someone breaks into the crypts and makes there way down to that bunch, they won't have much trouble running through them. Varys fans better hope the crypt is well-protected, or it at least has some secret escape that prevents a painful death for the character and everyone else inside.

The Hound

Where Is He? We only get a brief look at The Hound in the Season 8 trailer, and he looks pissed. The close up shot robs us of a guess as to where he is, sadly, but it appears to be a dungeon of some sort. Sandor met up with Jon and Dany when they combined forces, so chances are he's a part of the Winterfell army that arrives earlier on.

Will He Reunite With Arya? Sandor potentially being at Winterfell means reuniting with Arya is a possibility, maybe even a likelihood given their relationship. Hopefully the two get a chance to fight together now that she's more capable, as that would make for a great Game of Thrones moment.

Is This CleganeBowl? Every tease of The Hound from here on out should feature this question, as the world wants to see these two brothers settle their rivalry with bloodshed. Unfortunately, it looks like The Mountain is exclusively alongside Cersei, so unless she's headed to battle or Sandor comes to King's Landing, it ain't happening.

Winterfell siege Game of Thrones

The Siege Of Winterfell

Can Winterfell Stand This Attack? Winterfell has a solid amount of troops at its disposal, but the Night King has all the undead and then whoever he manages to kill on his way to the battle. The odds aren't in the building's favor, and one has to wonder why it's so important that Winterfell stand as opposed to having this in a more advantageous battleground like The Neck.

How Many People Will Die In This Attack? Based on the trailer, it appears the battle could go well enough for the White Walkers that they infiltrate the inner walls of Winterfell. That's bad news for a lot of our main characters, who these White Walkers had to go through to get inside. Also, if the White Walkers are inside, less battle ready folks like Varys and Sam are going to have a hell of a time staying alive.

Does The White Walker Threat End Here? If this is an all-or-nothing battle, will the humans defeat the White Walkers at Winterfell? It doesn't make much sense for The Night King to retreat when his troops have unlimited stamina (as mentioned in the trailer), so falling back probably wouldn't be his thing. Could this battle be shorter in the grand scheme of things than we're all expecting?

Game of Thrones premieres on HBO Sunday, April 14. For a look at what else is coming to television in the meantime, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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