Grey's Anatomy Is Bringing Abigail Spencer's Megan Back, But What About Nathan?

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Abigail Spencer is returning to Grey’s Anatomy and not a moment too soon. The actress will be reprising her role as Megan. Owen’s younger sister has been off the show for a while. Megan left the show under happy circumstances back in Season 14. She moved to Los Angeles with her son and her fiancé. If she is returning, what about Nathan?

Well, you have to take the good Grey’s Anatomy news with the bad news. When Megan returns to Seattle, she will not do so alongside Nathan, according to TVLine. She will return to the longest-running primetime medical show this spring for what sounds like a single engagement. In other words, one episode. Like many of the show’s plots, there is a lot of secrecy regarding the details surrounding Megan’s return and Nathan's absence.

It is a bummer. Given the way the show tied up their story, there should be no cause for concern that a breakup happened. Grey’s Anatomy left the couple happily engaged. The show can explain his absence rather easily without turning to a depressing plot development for the cause.

Whether or not Martin Henderson was asked to come back and could not is unknown. The actor is set to star as the lead in Netflix’s upcoming TV adaptation of Harlequin romances. So, a potential scheduling conflict could have reared its head. That show sounds great, by the way.

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As for Megan, she is likely returning to Seattle to support her brother, Owen. He has been going through a lot. His relationship with Amelia has been all over the place. Owen also weathered a custody scare with his foster son, Leo. He is also expecting a child with his ex, Teddy.

Basically, Owen has had a full plate during Grey’s Anatomy’s spring run. So, it would be reasonable for her brother to be the impetus for her return. Will she be doling out sisterly advice? Owen has not been in the best place recently. Who better than his sister to help give him perspective?

Whatever is about to happen with the Hunt siblings, Abigail Spencer is excited to be back on Grey’s Anatomy. She went on Twitter to share a picture of her rocking Megan’s crimson hair. Check it out below:

The air date for Megan’s Grey’s Anatomy return was not revealed so stay tuned. Like many exciting things coming up on the show, there is a lot on the horizon.

Get the details on Megan’s return when her episode airs this spring. New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The medical drama is among many airing new during the midseason. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV and movie news.

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