Colton's The Bachelor Finale Was Just Spoiled By Gym Photos

Colton Underwood on The Bachelor Season 23 on ABC

Colton Underwood's hot mess of a season as The Bachelor 2019 is not yet finished on ABC. We still have the season finale on March 11 and "After the Final Rose" special on March 12. But it looks like who Colton picks in the end has already been spoiled by paparazzi photos of Colton coming out of the gym. Yes, the dangers of the gym never cease!

Potential SPOILERS below for how Colton's season ends.

JustJared posted what must've seemed like harmless paparazzi snaps of Colton leaving a California gym with singer Jake Miller and actor Gregg Sulkin. The photos themselves are not exciting (but you can check them out here if you want).

The interesting part, as many fans pointed out, is that actor Gregg Sulkin (Runaways) is actually dating Cassie Randolph's sister Michelle.

It doesn't seem like a coincidence that Colton would be hanging out with the boyfriend of Cassie's sister. And it would actually fit with Reality Steve's end-of-season spoilers.

Another SPOILER alert!

Instead of pulling a move like Bachelorettes Ali Fedotowsky and Desiree Hartsock -- just picking someone else when one of the final 3 quits -- Colton reportedly does not just decide to pick between the remaining ladies Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin.

Instead, as Reality Steve reports, Colton ends his relationship with Hannah G. without ever going on an overnight date with her. (As you'll recall, she didn't get a date on the fantasy suites episode. They went right from Tayshia's overnight date -- which apparently had no sex -- to Cassie quitting.) Steve says Colton ends things with Tayshia as well, and that's where they basically end filming for the season. It's like a Brad Womack 1.0 -- going home alone.

However, that's not where the story ends! Apparently, after everyone went home, Colton chased Cassie down and they filmed something around her California home where he says what he should've said in Portugal -- that they don't need to get engaged. They can just date. She agrees, and that's where things reportedly stand now.

UPDATE: Reality Steve updated after the March 11 Finale Part 1 and it sounds like the California part of his previous scoop might not have been right, but the location wasn't really the spoiler anyway. Here's what he said will happen on the Tuesday, March 12 show:

He’ll talk to Cassie, he’ll take her to meet his parents, they’ll have an overnight, and then no proposal. Just preparing you for a lot of in-studio stuff tonight [Tuesday] as well. Demi, Sydney, Onyeka, and Chris Randone will all be there, we’ll get Colton and Cassie together in public for the first time for a couple segments, then we’ve got the Hannah [B.] announcement as the Bachelorette and then maybe, possibly, meeting some of her guys if they decide to do that again. So yeah, plenty of content to fill the two hours.

Long story short -- Colton and Cassie are said to still be dating.

That's similar to how they did it for most of the early seasons -- the finale ended with dating rather than an engagement. The last time there was no engagement was Juan Pablo Galavis' Bachelor Season 18. (That did not end well.) So that's probably why ABC executive Robert Mills brought up Brad Womack, Juan Pablo, Jason Mesnick, and Arie as examples of how Colton's Bachelor finale goes off the rails.

So we should see all of the finale drama play out Monday, March 11, and then Colton and Cassie should return on the "After the Final Rose" to say how they're doing today. The season was taped months ago, so they have apparently been dating this whole time. Do you think they'll be ready for an engagement, or is it still too soon?

The Bachelor doesn't have a great track record in general, and when couples just decide to "take a chance" on dating in the real world instead of getting engaged on the finale, they usually break up. Two exceptions, interestingly enough, would be Jason Mesnick and last year's Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. Both dumped their chosen fiancée's to start dating their runners-up, and eventually married those second choices.

Last week's episode of The Bachelor left off with Colton's fence jump. Then we had the always dramatic "Women Tell All," showcasing why Rachel Lindsay may have been right that the 2019 Bachelorette should not be chosen from this catty lot. But Reality Steve did share spoilers on who reportedly becomes the Bachelorette, and that Hannah B. announcement is also expected to be made Tuesday on the "After the Final Rose" special.

The Bachelorette has always been chosen from the previous season of The Bachelor, and she starts taping her season right away to air in the spring -- before Bachelor in Paradise continues Bachelor Nation drama through the summer.

The Women and Men Tell All specials have basically become auditions for Bachelor in Paradise, and we can almost certainly expect to see Demi and Courtney continuing their drama there.

The Bachelor Season 23 finale will begin Monday, March 11 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC as one of the many shows now airing in midseason 2019.

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