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One Day at a Time has become a beloved Netflix original series, but its future on the streaming giant has become uncertain. In late February, One Day at a Time executive producer Gloria Calderón Kellett posted a call-to-action tweet for fans of the show. She let fans know where Netflix stood on renewing the fan-favorite dramedy and how fans could help get Season 4. Check out Kellett’s tweet below, and keep on scrolling to see what the One Day at a Time cast had to say about it:

Since that tweet went up, the cast has also gotten in on the action to renew One Day at a Time. Echoing what the show’s executive producer shared, One Day at a Time star Justina Machado posted this supportive quoted tweet:

Just a few days ago on March 7, One Day at a Time’s Isabella Gomez gave fans this update on the potential for Season 4. It seems that now is an essential time for the show’s renewal prospects. In the tweet, Gomez reveals that the cast and crew may learn the fate of the sitcom “next week.” Given the time it was posted, "next week" is now this week. Here’s Gomez's tweet:

Also sharing a tweet of support for the show was Isabella Gomez’s on-screen younger brother, Marcel Ruiz. In a tweet, Ruiz urged fans to read the tweet by One Day at a Time’s executive producer. Check it out:

Joining the central cast in wanting the show to get Season 4 is the show's multitude of fans. That list includes actors who have guest starred on One Day at a Time. Here is what Stephanie Beatriz had to say about renewing the beloved series:

The time to rally for the renewal of One Day at a Time has arrived. Fans have heeded the call to take action on the show’s behalf. They have sprung into it at full force. One supporter of the Netflix sitcom asked Lin-Manuel Miranda if he has watched the show, and this was his response:

Yay! Hopefully Netflix is paying attention to all of the support everyone's tweets are getting. It is impressive! Social media has helped other series earn another season, so it can only be a good thing.

Celebrity fans of One Day at a Time have taken to Twitter to share their renewal wishes. Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez sent out this tweet urging Netflix to renew the show:

One Day at a Time co-stars Rita Moreno and Justina Machado were recently guests on Busy Philipp’s E! chat fest, Busy Tonight. The show’s executive producer Gloria Calderón Kellett joined them. Philipps is another massive fan of the series.

Busy Philipps hired a plane to fly around the headquarters of Netflix with an essential statement to the streaming giant. The plane’s urgent message was the same one echoed by the show’s fans. It said: “Renew One Day at a Time!” Watch Philipps reveal her renewal gesture to the One Day at a Time team below:

The third season of One Day at a Time premiered in early February. A month later, Netflix has yet to share news of a renewal. The streamer is known to make fans wait for a while before renewing a series. Obviously, Netflix breaking with tradition and announcing a little sooner would be a welcome plot twist for fans.

The first three seasons of One Day at a Time are currently available to binge on Netflix, along with many others.