Two Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stars Are Heading To Netflix's One Day At A Time

One Day at a Time's Penelope
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Netflix's critically acclaimed and audience-adored comedy One Day at a Time will be welcoming two of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's finest in Season 3. And they are joining the show in a major way, thanks to their ties to the Alvarez family. See the announcement for yourself via the tweet below, and then we will get into who the two stars will be playing:

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That's right, Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz will guest star on an episode of One Day at a Time's third season. How far into the season they will make their debut is not entirely clear. So who are they playing? Well, the answer gives them blood ties to the Alvarez family. Fumero and Beatriz will be playing Penelope's cousins Estrellita and Pilar, respectively, per TV Line. And the relationship dynamics between the cousins should make for a very entertaining episode.

Estrellita and Penelope's relationship is not in great shape, which was not always the case. The cousins used to share a close bond, which became collateral damage when the conflict between Lydia and her sister/Estrellita's mom drove a wedge between them. Can Estrellita and Penelope repair the bond they once shared? And can they resolve the animosity between their mothers? You will have to stay tuned. It is unclear if Penelope and Pilar's relationship is similarly strained.

The detail the description mentions regarding Pilar's storyline is that Elena will believe that Pilar is gay. Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz's casting comes after it was previously announced that Gloria Estefan (who sings One Day at a Time's theme song) would guest star as Lydia's "little sister and arch-nemesis" Mirtha in Season 3, per Deadline.

Now we know the feud between the sisters has led to a strain in their own daughters' relationship. It is unclear what brings the family together now. Of course, one can hope they are all able to work through their differences and make peace with one another. Resolving a years-long feud in half-an-hour is a pretty big order.

As fans excitedly await this guest star-infused episode, questions remain as to when they will be able to see it. The third season of One Day at a Time has yet to receive a premiere date from Netflix. Given its previous seasons' release dates, fans may not be able to expect to see Season 3 until January 2019. While no premiere date has been announced yet for Brooklyn Nine-Nine either, when the comedy does return for its sixth season, it will do so on NBC.

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