Watch Former American Idol Champion Maddie Poppe Go Undercover To Audition Again

Warning! The following contains spoilers for American Idol. Read at your own risk!

American Idol Season 17 has shown some truly groundbreaking talent to the point multiple competitors may walk away with contracts once this competition is over. For all the talent that was present in the latest episode, the show came to a halt when a goth competitor sauntered into the audition room. The judges were thrown for a loop, and ready to give this disrespectful contestant the boot until she took off her wig and was revealed to be Season 16 winner Maddie Poppe. Take a look:

It's amazing to see how the judges' faces went from fear to joy that it wasn't a real audition but Season 16 winner Maddie Poppe pulling a prank on them. There were probably a lot of American Idol fans who felt the same way, as it was nearly impossible to recognize Poppe under all that goth makeup. The snakebite lip piercings and wig also helped seal the look, so credit to makeup for really taking us all on a ride.

Unfortunately, Maddie Poppe was not on her usual tweet spree like she has been throughout American Idol Season 17 thus far. It would've been great to see a snarky tweet from the singer about the show, but Poppe apparently had other things going on. That's fine as American Idol's social media was more than happy to provide some additional content, which included her chatting up other contestants waiting to audition.

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American Idol competitor Margie Mays seemed thoroughly oblivious to who she was speaking to, as did everyone else chilling out and waiting to audition. Otherwise, there's no doubt other competitors would've slid in to get shoulder to shoulder with show royalty, and hope that some of that superstar magic rubbed off on them ahead of facing the judges. After all, getting a ticket to Hollywood is easier said than done. These competitors need all the help they can get!

It's a shame American Idol didn't let Lady Mapo's run last longer, as it would've been great to see how long Maddie Poppe could keep up the facade. Of course, she has a busy schedule, and she didn't fight to win Season 16 to risk the judges souring on her and voting her off a second time. In the best case scenario she'd win again, and then there'd be a few angry people upset the same person won twice.

So really, it's for the best Lady Mapo was found out rather quick. The judges got a great laugh and reunion, and American Idol fans got a Goth queen to "stan" as the show switches from auditions to the Hollywood rounds.

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