Katy Perry Already Thinks She Found The Guy Who Will Win Season 17 Of American Idol

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American Idol is currently in its audition rounds, at which time the three judges – Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan – must sift through a ton of super-talented hopefuls to decide who gets to go to the next round in Hollywood. While not everyone can boast truly jaw-dropping skills, some contestants can do just that.

In this case, Katy Perry could not hide her excitement following Alejandro Aranda’s phenomenal American Idol audition, and she didn't mince words either. Perry declared that she thought she'd just watched the tryout of this season's eventual winner. After watching the video below, you will see why the pop star's confidence was so solid.

Alejandro Aranda could very well be the next contestant that audiences hear Ryan Seacrest dub “the next American Idol.” After watching that audition video, it is entirely understandable why Katy Perry and the other judges were wowed. Aranda did not perform a cover, as most people do, instead making a brave move to perform an original song entitled “Out Loud,” complete with guitar accompaniment. Following that show-stopping act, it was clear that Aranda had made his mark on everyone surrounding him.

The Idol hopeful blew away all three judges, with Lionel Richie appearing visibly moved by Alejandro Aranda’s wonderous performance. After watching the entirety of “Out Loud,” Richie asked Aranda if he would then play another song on the piano. The contestant agreed and played another original on the spot. Turns out, Aranda not only has impressive guitar skills, he is equally as skilled at the piano.

Katy Perry was the last judge to respond with her assessment, following Luke Bryan, who described Alejandro Aranda’s audition as a movie he never wanted to see come to an end. Perry then asked Aranda point-blank if he believed he was the next American Idol. Endearingly, Aranda answered by saying he did not know and pointed out the talent of the many others vying for the coveted spot.

After asking a few more follow-up questions, Katy Perry made her bold prediction by telling Alejandro Aranda that she thinks he will be the big winner. That was a consensus her fellow judges that did not argue with. Though it is early in the audition process, a first impression like that is telling.

By this point, Katy Perry and her colleagues have seen a lot of American Idol hopefuls deliver auditions. The fact that she clearly sees something special in Alejandro Aranda may be just the ticket to take him all the way. When Perry asked why he felt he was special, Aranda responded, “I don’t. I don’t really think I’m special. I think I’m just hard-working.”

Is Katy Perry, right? Has America already witnessed the audition of the next American Idol champion? In his audition, Alejandro Aranda proved he has strong skills on two essential instruments, and that he also has a fantastic singing voice on top of keen songwriting skills. Hence, he is an incredible, multi-talented artist who also happens to now be heading to Hollywood!

Find out if Alejandro Aranda wins American Idol as the competition continues on Sundays and Mondays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. The reality series is among many airing new during the midseason, so be sure to keep up with all the latest premieres.

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