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Well, American Idol just picked its first winner for the show's ABC years, crowning Maddie Poppe as our new American Idol, and the good folks on Twitter had a lot of mixed emotions about the two-hour extravaganza. People had wildly divergent opinions on everything from song choice, to Katy Perry, to (of course) who won, and they were not shy about voicing their deep, deep thoughts. Let's start with Katy Perry's outfit, which some people were digging...

While others simply were not having it...at all:

Meanwhile, country star Luke Bryan performed with Idol hopeful Gabby Barrett, and the responses toggled wildly for those on Twitter. Someone at Good Morning America was here for it:

But some folks got downright mean when they heard the crooner on the show tonight:

Ouch! Well, as could be expected, when Katy Perry had a(nother) moment of true zaniness and proceeded to profess her love for new Bachelorette Becca Kufrin in an awkward show of hand-kissing devotion, Twitter was torn. Some people loved her commitment:

While others have, apparently, been wanting American Idol to get rid of her for some time...

When it came time to take our three finalists down to two, those that tweet were ready to talk about Gabby getting the boot...with more ideas of radical love:

And, obvious, radical, delicious hate:

To see what people thought about the second part of the finale, head over to the next page!

The reveal of Maddie Poppe and co-finalist Caleb Lee Hutchinson as the final two led to another reveal that the talented twosome is actually dating. You know Twitter couldn't let that go. Some people lost their minds with joy:

Some folks got really pissy about it:

And others still were terrified:

When we got down to the final, emotional announcement of Maddie Poppe as our newest American Idol winner, the Twitterverse was all over it.

Awww! This person is so happy. They were mostly all happy on Twitter, right...?

Ah, well. You can't win them all, American Idol. At least we can see how things turn out when the show returns for another go sometime next season. For more on what you can watch in the coming weeks, check out our summer premiere guide.