Could Parks And Recreation Return For More Episodes? Here's What The Creator Says

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Parks and Recreation ended its seven-season run in 2015 and fans have been clamoring for its return ever since. Could there actually be more episodes of the NBC comedy? The cast reunited to celebrate its 10th anniversary for a PaleyFest panel and the possibility came up. Here’s what Parks and Recreation’s co-creator, Mike Schur, had to say:

Everyone on this stage — and like six other people — would have to feel like there was a story that needed to be told. There was nothing I loved more than working on the show. I would never ever say never. The chance to do it again, should it arise, would be incredible. But I think we’d only do it if we all felt like there was some compelling reason to do it. . . . [Each cast member] would have a veto. If one single person says, ‘No,’ we wouldn’t do it.

As you can tell from Mike Schur’s answer at the PaleyFest panel (via TVLine), he is not saying “no” to more episodes of Parks and Recreation. The thing is, everyone would have to be on board. It is important to note who the “everyone” on stage that Schur was referring to is.

The entire Parks and Recreation cast had joined him onstage for the event. Hence, the whole cast would have to agree there was a “compelling reason” that warranted a comeback of the popular comedy. Mike Schur is not even saying “yes” if a few people agree to more episodes either.

He said that everyone would have to agree to do it, along with the six other people he mentioned. So, a lot of “yeses” would have to be said to get it to happen. It sounds like a tall order. However, there is reason to hope it can get placed.

That the entire cast is on good terms and showed up to participate in the 10th-anniversary event are both positive signs. Since all of the cast members are pursuing new endeavors, it would require a commitment.

Revivals are still all the rage and Parks and Recreation has been at the center of a lot of attention to get one. Its seven-season run garnered it a cult following. Back in 2017, Amy Poehler addressed the possibility of a Parks and Recreation revival. She seemed open to the possibility.

Nick Offerman echoes the sentiments of Amy Poehler and Parks and Recreation’s co-creator. The actor weighed in with a positive response, saying that if Poehler and Mike Schur wanted to do it, he would sign on.

Buzz continues to surround the show as The Good Place has become a source of Parks and Recreation crossover fan theories. A few months ago, fans were sent into a stir when Li’l Sebastian put in a cameo on The Good Place. The move caused fans to wonder if there was a potential crossover happening.

Mike Schur, who created The Good Place and co-created Parks and Recreation, clarified the situation. His answer undoubtedly made fans even more anxious to get Parks and Rec back up and running. Will it ever happen? And if so, will it occur any time soon? Stay tuned. For now, the door sounds wide open. It will just take some stepping through.

Want to relive the magic? You can currently stream Parks and Recreation’s entire run on Netflix.

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