Amy Poehler Has Thoughts About A Parks And Rec Revival

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Shows aren't necessarily done for good following series finales nowadays thanks to the trend of reboots and revivals. Shows ranging from sitcoms to sci-fi to serious have made comebacks years after initially going off the air, and the revival trend likely isn't going anywhere any time soon. Parks and Recreation leading lady Amy Poehler recently shared her thoughts on a possible revival bringing the Pawnee crew back together on the small screen, and she had this to say about whether it could happen:

God, I have no idea. Everybody has my number...we all have a text chain and talk to each other almost everyday. So I think everybody would be excited to do some version of it -- hopefully on ice... The internet was a huge part of why Parks stayed on the air. Now it's streaming and the fact that people are watching it for the first time is amazing.

Not all TV shows casts are quite as close as the Parks and Rec crew apparently still are, even years after the final episode aired on NBC in 2015. We already knew that at least some of them were close enough to still chat and meet up for Galentine's Day, but who knew they were all still on daily texting terms? The continued friendship certainly bodes well for the show to return with the majority of the cast, and I at least would be on board with a special on ice. The Winter Olympics won't be back until 2022, so give us a Parks and Rec On Ice! spectacular in the meantime!

In all seriousness, the fact that Amy Poehler is being asked about a potential revival is a sign that interest in Parks and Rec hasn't died down just because the show came to an end. The show is currently available streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, and for as long as Chris Pratt is appearing in some of the biggest projects in showbiz and Amy Poehler keeps crafting with Nick Offerman, folks may continue to give Parks and Rec a shot. The show never scored the highest ratings while on the air and it arguably didn't really get good until the second season, but it became a beloved sitcom for many loyal fans. Maybe there is a life beyond cancellation for Parks and Rec after all!

The biggest complication might actually be getting the cast back together at the same time. Prior to Amy Poehler's comments at the TCA press tour (via Deadline), she revealed that everybody would be happy to get back together someday, and Nick Offerman has said that he'd sign on if Poehler and showrunner Mike Schur came up with the right idea to bring the show back. Chris Pratt was less definitive about returning for more Parks and Rec, which is understandable given the busy state of his film career at the moment. That said, he also wouldn't rule out a reunion "down the line," so no need to count him out. Even Tina Fey pitched an idea for a new take on Parks and Rec!

We'll have to wait and see if a revival really does happen. If you're now in the mood for a new Amy Poehler fix, you can find her crafting with Nick Offerman in new episodes of Making It on NBC on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET. You can relive the glory days of Parks and Rec via streaming, and there are plenty of other viewing options available on our fall TV premiere guide.

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