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UPDATE WITH SPOILERS: Yes, at the very end of the Friday, March 22 episode of The Blacklist Season 6, Samar told Cooper she was resigning from the Task Force. She simply said it was time. She didn't give him details about her brain injury, and how it affected her performance in the field earlier in the episode. However, the promo for next week's March 29 two-hour event showed the Task Force being hunted. Samar was shown in the promo. So maybe she will find a way to rejoin the team? She could use a break -- and some help -- but the team could also use her skills.

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Fans have known that Samar has been navigating the physical ramifications of her near-death experience from last season on The Blacklist. Her symptoms are not improving and footage from tonight’s new episode foreshadows a dire question. Is The Blacklist about to lose another member of the Task Force?

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In last week’s episode, she told Aram about her brain injury and how it was affecting her cognitive abilities. As anyone would expect, Aram is worried about his fiancée, which brings us to tonight’s new episode. Having discovered Samar’s discarded incident reports in the previous installment, Aram wants to discuss them with Samar.

A new clip released by The Blacklist shows Aram taking the reports in to talk with Samar, per TV Insider exclusively. Aram wants her to tell Cooper about her current health. Samar does not. She urges Aram to let her handle it, citing it as “her problem.” Will he let Samar handle it? Given Aram’s level of concern for Samar, it is unlikely.

She could endanger other members of the Task Force, as well as herself if he does not report it. Hence, Aram is doubtful of heeding Samar’s desires, and that could lead to problems for their relationship. If Aram stays true to character, he would rather her be mad at him than risk the alternative.

All signs point to this potentially being a game-changer for Samar. If her condition cannot improve, it seems unlikely she could continue doing field work for the Task Force. The Blacklist’s creator previously hinted at Samar’s story this season.

Jon Bokenkamp teased it as “emotional,” a “doozy,” and one that would “change the landscape of the show in a great way.” Whether he meant great as in significant, or as in positive, is up for debate. Considering how the season currently stands, it seems to fit the former. That is not good news for Samar’s Task Force status.

The Task Force works so well in its current form, it is beyond difficult to imagine it without Samar. She joined the team in Season 2, and she has been an irreplaceable asset ever since. Her interaction with every character is essential to the chemistry of the show, not to mention her phenomenal romance with Aram.

Even if Samar gets angry if Aram goes to Cooper without her blessing, she should eventually forgive him. Aram has no real choice other than to tell for the reasons mentioned above. That said, there is hope that Samar may be able to get cured and keep her spot on the Task Force. How?

Red wanted “The Pharmacist” tracked down earlier this season for an unknown end. After getting a clean bill of health following his pre-execution physical, viewers know it should not involve a cure for him. Perhaps Red is working to help Samar. If anyone already knows about her condition outside of Aram, it is Red. Hopefully, “The Pharmacist” has come up with something and the Task Force gets saved from having to lose Samar.

Find out if Samar stays on the Task Force when The Blacklist continues with new episodes airing Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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