Watch American Idol's Luke Bryan Destroy And Then Rebuild Contestants' Dreams

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of American Idol**. Read at your own risk!**

It's been a rough run in Hollywood for a lot of American Idol competitors, as some of the most talented singers faltered and others rose to the competition in a big way. Fortunately, two of the three rooms went onto the next round in Hawaii, although one room found out in a much more gentle way than another. Watch Luke Bryan deliver the news to Room 3 by destroying them, and then building them back up.

It took Luke Bryan an agonizing 50 seconds to finally reveal to Room 3 they were going on to Hawaii, and he only said it after letting the American Idol contestants think they were eliminated. Even if some of that was editing to make the moment seem longer, he's wrong for making all those folks think they were done only to flip the script. That said it was also pretty funny, so props to him for creating a great moment.

It's hard to stay mad at Luke Bryan when no one in Room 3 showed anything other than pure joy they weren't going home. The room exploded with emotion when the news was revealed, and any harsh feelings that may have been directed at Luke immediately faded in the overwhelmingly positive atmosphere. Katy Perry's hilarious face says it all, and will certainly be the gif American Idol fans use for any hype moments going forward.

Katy Perry American Idol

To say Room 3 was on a bubble is an understatement, as it contained a room full of contestants who were talented, but had a less than stellar performance. There was Eddie Island who opted to use an original song that was less than impressive in Katy Perry's opinion, and Wade Cota who forgot the words to "California Dreamin'" in the prior round.

They were two in a room full of folks who made minor mistakes throughout the Hollywood rounds, but those mistakes were egregious enough to warrant elimination this season. The talent pool is just so deep in American Idol Season 2, a contestant can't really afford to have a bad night, and one mistake can definitely be the mistake that ends this ride. Hopefully, each of the 40 advancing recognizes that, and will give it their all in Hollywood.

The judges' delivery in the other rooms was far more straightforward with Alejandro Aranda, Margie Mays, and the rest of Room 1 finding out they advanced rather quickly. Similarly, Room 2 got their bad news pretty quick, although it seemed evident to most in the room they knew they'd be going home. It's definitely a heartbreaking moment, but as Lionel Richie reminded them, they've got nothing to be ashamed of and had beat out so many other contestants already.

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