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Sylvester Stallone Is Bringing Dirty Cops To TV With New History Series

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Sylvester Stallone is in the midst of a career resurgence with the Creed films and the upcoming fifth Rambo film. The Oscar winner isn't only focusing on putting himself in front of the camera, however, and he's not focusing solely on theatrical fare. It was announced that Stallone will be partnering with History for a scripted drama that will tell the story of one of the most infamous dirty cops in U.S. history.

Going by the name The Tenderloin, this new project will be focused on the former New York City Police Dept. lieutenant Charles Becker, who served from 1893-1912. As the head of a vice squad unit, Becker was eventually appointed the ringleader of the "Strong-Arm Squad," an unofficial name for an alleged group of cops who were unofficially made to patrol the streets and deal out brutal punishments to anyone who appeared deserving of such treatment.

In his time as the Squad leader, Charles Becker allegedly bilked illicit businesses for shakedown payments in exchange for protection. Understandably, New York City was a hub for brothels, illegal casinos, and other under-the-table attractions, and there was reportedly much money made by by going the extortion route. Becker did not exit his position smoothly, however, catching the short straw in a highly controversial murder trial.

While Sylvester Stallone isn't currently being tapped to take on any acting roles for The Tenderloin, he will be involved behind the scenes. As it was announced during A&E Networks' upfront presentation (via THR), Stallone will serve as an executive producer for the History drama.

He'll also get behind the camera for directing duties on multiple episodes of The Tenderloin. He hasn't served in a director-ly role since 2012's The Expendables 2, and has never helmed an episode of a TV show. This could mark a new career path if things work out well enough. What about a Rambo TV show, though?

The Tenderloin will be written by Stephen Kay, who will also serve as an executive producer (along with Braden Aftergood) on the Balboa Productions series.

Sylvester Stallone's entertainment career has been going since 1970, but he's obviously been far more interested in feature films over television projects. He's only had six on-screen TV roles, not counting his Saturday Night Live appearance, with the latest being his 2017 cameo in This Is Us. Before that? 2005's Las Vegas.

This upfront presentation A&E Network Group's first under its new-since-July-2018 president Paul Buccieri, and it's already obvious he had some big news to share with The Tenderloin. But that's definitely not the only exciting announcement that went public during the panel, which unpredictably included an appearance from former President George W. Bush.

History, home to the fan-favored conspiracy thriller Project Blue Book and the soon-to-exit Vikings, was also promoting an interesting new George Washington docudrama, the William Shatner-hosted mystery-focused show The UneXplained, a docuseries about the names behind popular food products, and the sophomore projects In Search Of Season 2 and the motorcycle stunt special Evel Live 2.

While there's nothing musical happening at History, A&E Networks' Lifetime announced the Queen Latifah-produced miniseries Salt-N-Pepa, which will obviously center on the seminal female rap group formed by Cheryl James and Sandra Denton. And over on A&E proper, execs are prepping for the four-part special Garth: The Road I'm On, which will chronicle the country music icon's current stadium tour, complete with interviews from all the expected parties.

Maybe next year will be the one where they announce a musical docudrama about Sylvester Stallone's 1984 stinker Rhinestone, for which he provided some unforgettable tracks. Fingers crossed.

No release window has been set yet for The Tenderloin, but there's more than enough good TV airing right now to keep audiences busy until more information is available.

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