American Idol Substitute Host Bobby Bones Didn't Realize How Awkward Ryan Seacrest's Job Is

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of American Idol. Read at your own risk!

American Idol had to go on without it's host with the most, as Ryan Seacrest sat out the second round of celebrity duet shows due to illness. With Seacrest out for the count, the ABC reality singing competition tapped mentor Bobby Bones to step in and take a shot at running the show in his place. Bones did a great job, and bonded with the host on Twitter during the episode's airing over a particularly awkward part of hosting.

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Although we're not entirely sure what Ryan Seacrest meant with that analogy, Bobby Bones is apparently picking up what the American Idol host is putting down. Presumably, they're the person who everyone is singing happy birthday to, and hosting during that specific moment in American Idol is standing there awkwardly and unsure what to do with yourself. It's an oddly specific way to describe the judges giving notes, but it's apparently apt according to Bones.

Bobby Bones didn't try to emulate Ryan Seacrest's hosting style, and instead did his own thing throughout the episode. One could say Bones did things a bit goofier than Seacrest would've, but not so goofy it was jarring or unprofessional. It's more like, Ryan Seacrest would sooner shake a contestants hand and say "good job" than stroll out on stage wearing a sock hat to emulate Ben Harper and Alejandro Aranda.

Ryan Seacrest didn't mention all the things Bobby Bones did differently, although he did call attention to one moment specifically. Seacrest noted that Bones chose a different way to deliver one of his lines he does quite often, and didn't mind that he did so.

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Ryan Seacrest is out here on Twitter throwing Bobby Bones the compliments he probably never gave former co-host Brian Dunkleman, and we're here for it. After all, seeing Seacrest silent or critical of Bones on social media during the episode could've come off as petty, so it's good to see he's comfortable enough to let someone else fill in. Hell, he probably enjoyed the break given how hectic his schedule can be.

So, what was Ryan Seacrest's final verdict on Dancing with the Stars champ Bobby Bones hosting American Idol? Seacrest showed some love to the judges at the end of the episode, and gave a big thanks to Bones for being a last minute substitute and filling in for him in his time of need.

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American Idol is finally out of its judges rounds, and now America has 14 wonderfully talented contestants to vote for in the live rounds. Be sure to tune in and see how each competitor fares as new episodes continue to air on ABC Sundays and Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look back at some great moments from this season already, check out the proposal during Hollywood week that wrecked Katy Perry emotionally.

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