Watch Katy Perry's Emotional Freakout Over American Idol Contestant's Proposal During Performance

After some fierce competition, American Idol has finally exited its Hollywood rounds with 40 of its remaining competitors moving on to Hawaii. It was rough, but not without its sweet moments as Johanna Jones' performance ended with a pretty sweet surprise from her longtime boyfriend. Watch his proposal, as well as judge Katy Perry's emotional breakdown to it, below.

Shout out to Matt who went from a week of exams and drove hours to pop the question to Johanna Jones. The pressure of all those tests must've been bad enough, let alone knowing you're going to cap it all off by going on a long drive and proposing to your girlfriend on American Idol. It's a good thing she crushed that performance, otherwise he might've just had to chill and wait for a better time.

It was a touching moment, but damn, Katy Perry cried more than Johanna Jones and her mother combined! It's not necessarily unexpected considering the judge's personality and tendency to have big reactions on the regular, although who would've thought watching someone get a ring could elicit such strong emotion? At least the mother didn't have to worry about her "ugly cry" being caught on camera.

Also, let's remember that Orlando Bloom's proposal to Katy Perry involved a helicopter. If she devolved into a blubbering mess simply watching someone else get proposed to on stage, imagine what it must've been like to experience her being proposed to! Hey, most folks would prefer an over the top response than no response at all, right?

If there is something funnier than Katy Perry's reaction to this proposal, it's the song choice of Johanna Jones. Jones sang Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games," which is a song in which it's repeatedly stated the singer doesn't want to fall in love. She sure changed her tune when her beau strutted out, of course, and was more than thrilled to have that ring on her finger.

The episode got even better for Johanna Jones later on, as she found out she was one of the 40 competitors who would be advancing in the competition. She'll travel to Hawaii, where the remaining contestants will all perform on stage in front of a live audience. Jones will be taking the stage with a shiny new piece of jewelry, and may just find her way to the live show if she can hold on.

We're in for some exciting weeks on American Idol, as new episodes continue on ABC Sundays and Mondays beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep with CinemaBlend to stay on top of things Idol related as well as other news regarding television and movies. For more on the show, check out the cruel prank Luke Bryan played on one room of competitors before ultimately telling them they'd be moving on to the next round.

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