Marvel Is Getting Two Unscripted Projects On The Disney+ Streaming Service

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(Image credit: Marvel / Disney)
(Image credit: Marvel / Disney)

Disney+ has ordered up not one, but two new Marvel projects. No, none of Netflix’s cancelled series have gotten the green-light for a comeback. The streaming service has ordered two unscripted projects from Marvel. Here is what you need to know about the upcoming series.

First up is the tentatively titled Marvel’s 616. If you are wondering why the number “616,” there is a probable answer. Earth-616 is the universe wherein most of Marvel’s stories occur. The inclusion of 616 seems to be an ode to that. Now to what the series is about, shall we?

Marvel’s 616 is an anthological docuseries. Hence, a new story or in this case angle, in every episode. Each documentary will focus on the “historical, cultural, and societal” aspects that contextualized Marvel’s stories, per THR.

To be specific, Marvel’s 616 will explore how Marvel’s characters, stories, and creators intersect with the world through the eyes of a diverse selection of filmmakers. So, how Marvel’s fictional world collides and coincides with the real one. It sounds interesting. Marvel New Media and Supper Club will produce the show.

The filmmakers who will be behind the episodes have not been revealed, yet. That announcement should be coming soon.

Now to the second unscripted Marvel project. This one, like the other, will again focus on real life meeting Marvel. Curious? Keep reading.

Marvel’s Hero Project will center on real young people, who are heroically activating positive change in their communities. The series will spotlight these kids as heroes and celebrate their “selfless acts of bravery and kindness.” Marvel New Media and MaggieVision Productions will produce the feel-good series. Executive producing for Marvel on both unscripted projects will be Joe Quesada, Stephen Wacker, and Shane Rahmani.

There is no mention made of these kids being inspired by Marvel’s characters to act. Based on the premise for both unscripted Marvel shows, the entertainment giant is planning to go heavy on Marvel’s relationship to real life, and not in a way you would expect with a spotlight on the making-of Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Rather, how the two impact one another. They say that "life imitates art" and that can often be a mutual relationship.

Disney+ has been racking up shows recently. The emerging streaming force is showing no signs of slowing down either. In related Marvel TV news, the network announced a limited series focused on an Avenger: Hawkeye. Yes, Jeremy Renner is set to reprise his role from the MCU.

In non-Marvel news from earlier this week, it got announced that a Monsters Inc. television show is coming to Disney+ with the original voice cast. As for the Marvel superhero dramas that were on Netflix, there is still no news.

No exact release date is set for the unscripted Marvel projects. Disney+ is expected to launch later this year.

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