Cloak And Dagger Just Revealed A Connection To Daredevil

Brigid Marvel's Cloak And Dagger Freeform

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Cloak & Dagger's "Shadow Selves."

Cloak & Dagger only just returned for Season 2, and it's already stirring up more interesting questions about the show's place in the greater Marvel universe. After an interesting tie-in to Marvel's Luke Cage in Season 1, the show dropped another reference to the MCU in "Shadow Selves." This time, the reference was to a character from Daredevil, in an anecdote that brought Ben Ulrich's methods into the current story.

The reference to Daredevil Season 1's deceased reporter came when Tandy, Tyrone, and Brigid stumbled upon Mayhem's lair. There, they found walls strewn with newspaper clippings and red string strewn between them to show connections. Brigid also noticed her doppelganger marked a set of playing cards in a distinct way, but only she understood why. She revealed to the Cloak & Dagger duo it was how she kept case notes, a tactic she learned from "a reporter in New York."

As some may remember in the now-cancelled Daredevil, Ben Ulrich used a deck of playing cards in Season 1 to map out the various criminal outfits operating within Hell's Kitchen. As Cloak & Dagger and Luke Cage revealed, Brigid used to be an officer in New York, so while Ben Ulrich's name wasn't explicitly mentioned, it would seem this is who she was referring to.

Ben Ulrich Daredevil

So, once again, Cloak & Dagger has made a direct reference to a Marvel show that used to be on Netflix, but why? Well, filming for Season 2 began in October, which was before Netflix announced it was cancelling Daredevil after Season 3. That said, it was such a small scene the line could've easily been cut without anyone being any the wiser. Does the fact the show decided to leave it in mean something for Daredevil's future?

Okay, probably not. Still, perhaps Marvel is keeping the memories of the Netflix shows alive because it knows they could be revived one day, or could come into play on Cloak & Dagger. Perhaps all these breadcrumbs are paving the way for the heroes to return on the Freeform series some day? Tandy and Tyrone are kind of struggling with this Mayhem business; one can't help but think the Devil of Hell's Kitchen would help them solve this issue a bit quicker.

Especially after this episode, as it seems like Mayhem's run about town has affected Tyrone and Tandy in different ways. Tyrone is outright opposed to the violent spree, and while Tandy seemingly feels the same way, she does realize this method is doing more good a lot quicker and taking out some bad guys rather quickly. Will she end up defending Mayhem, and risking her relationship with Tyrone and Brigid to protect her?

Those answers are coming, as Cloak & Dagger continues on Freeform Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. CinemaBlend is the place to find the news on all great Marvel shows, as well as other great entertainment news.

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