Netflix Rules: Users Say They'd Pick The Company Over Any Other Network Or Streaming Service

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Netflix is the big fish in the TV pond, at the moment, especially with the young'uns. Will that still be the case this time next year, after Disney+ enters the picture?

A new study from Hub Entertainment Research polled 1,700 people in the U.S. and asked them which network or streaming service they'd keep if they were forced to choose just one. The results: 44% would keep Netflix, with CBS in second place with 29%.

The numbers look even better for Netflix when you skew the demographic younger. Nearly 60% of the surveyed folks between ages 16 and 34 said they’d keep Netflix over anything else, per TheWrap. That made it twice as popular as Hulu, which ranked second in that age range with 29 percent.

When it comes to streaming, Netflix has definitely done a good job establishing in its brand. In this survey, 99% of the polled peeps were aware of Netflix and 80% could accurately describe what it offers -- with the word "originals" coming up a lot. Only 66% of these surveyed Americans could accurately describe YouTube, apparently, with 60% accurately describing HBO Now and Amazon Prime Video.

So Netflix is winning on brand awareness, and people know it for its originals -- probably original series like Stranger Things more than original films like Bird Box, but the original movies section is starting to rise.

Netflix is known (and mocked) for having so much content it's darn near impossible to get through everything. (It helps to have a guide to upcoming content, like this one.) That does set Netflix apart from some other services, and even when Disney+ shows up it won't be able to rival Netflix's sheer amount of content. But it will be able to rival Netflix when it comes to Disney/Marvel/Star Wars products. Eventually, fans may see the Marvel Comics shows formerly on Netflix (like The Punisher and Daredevil) continue on Disney+, which would theoretically weaken Netflix a bit.

Disney+ isn't the only upcoming streamer ready to challenge Netflix -- Warner Bros. and NBCUniversal also have plans in the works, to join what's already out there on Hulu, Amazon, CBS All Access, Sony Crackle, YouTube, Facebook, DC Universe, etc. Plus, Netflix keeps raising its prices while other streamers take note and aim to be more competitive.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting overwhelmed with all of the options and the different prices -- and trying to sift through everything to see if What I Actually Want To Watch is available through this service or that app or just on regular network or cable TV. Speaking of regular TV, I'm not giving up on it anytime soon, and if you're still watching it too, here's when the 2018-2019 shows will be airing their finales.

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