Tampa Resident Jon Snow Talks Living With Game Of Thrones Character Name

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Jon Snow has been soaking up the sun down in Florida. No, not that Jon Snow, but rather the Tampa resident of the same name. That’s right. There is another Jon Snow living life a world away from Winterfell. What is in a name? It turns out quite a bit, especially when you share your name with a famous Game of Thrones character.

The real-life guy sharing the moniker of one of Game of Thrones' greatest heroes is opening up about sharing his name with one of television’s most famous characters. It has been an experience for Tampa’s Jon Snow, who said things initially weren't so bad, but then he noticed a change. Here's what Snow told the Tampa Bay Times:

Since around season two, every time I introduce myself, there's like this two second pause when I know its coming, 'You mean like Game of Thrones?' It's everywhere I go, sometimes people want to see my ID. Even at the doctor's office.

Confession: If I were to meet someone named Jon Snow, I would also have to mention the Game of Thrones connection. It is exciting! Or at least it's instinctual, if nothing else.

It is interesting to note that Jon Snow of Tampa did not take on constant attention overnight right after Game of Thrones premiered back in 2011. He started getting more comments after Season 2.

That tracks with Game of Thrones’ mounting success through the years. Instead of being an overnight sensation, it has steadily built a gigantic and devoted audience over time. Given the show's surge in popularity, you have to wonder how many times he has gotten teased about coming back the dead following Season 5’s massive cliffhanger, or how many times those comments got particularly NSFW, relating to a certain part of Jon Snow's body.

I can't imagine how many times he has been told: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” Each of those have to be conversation starters, at least for anyone who isn't Jon Snow of Tampa. Things could be a lot worse for him, of course. Pointing out the positives of sharing a name with one of Game of Thrones’ legends, Snow said:

I called to buy car insurance recently, and the agent asked me about it. I told him 'I’m just happy I’m named after a good character, who’s still alive and that people root for. I could have been named after someone everyone hates, like Joffrey.' He said, ‘My name is Jeffrey, and everyone at work calls me Joffrey.'

Poor Joff...er, poor Jeffrey! That is a good point, though. Imagine how difficult life is for those named Joffrey or Ramsay? Both are Game of Thronesworst villains. Is there anyone named Petyr Baelish in real life? That is the given name of Littlefinger. Also, what about Cersei? Or Reek?

Jon Snow of Tampa is not alone in shouldering the weight of sharing a name with the Game of Thrones character. There is also a television presenter in England named Jon Snow. Are there any Jon Sunnyweathers out there? That would be fun.

People asking the Tampa resident about life as Jon Snow is probably not going to let up any time soon. Game of Thrones is about to return for its eighth and final season this Sunday, April 14.

You can expect to see Jon Snow front and center for the action. After all, he is a secret Targaryen and the rightful biological heir to the Iron Throne. Depending on how his fate turns out, Tampa’s Jon Snow better hang in there. Jon is facing the ominous Night King, his army, and other potential threats if his biological identity gets revealed. He has survived looking death in the face before, will he do it again?

Find out how things go down for Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow when the show returns this Sunday, April 14, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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