Hulu's Veronica Mars Revival Finally Has Its First Teaser And A Release Date

Veronica Mars is headed back to TV soon! Yes, you read that right, Marshmallows. Hulu’s revival just took a giant step towards arriving on your streaming screens. Get your first glimpse at the teaser trailer and find out what the release date is below:

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The mysteries will continue when Veronica Mars arrives on Hulu, with new episodes coming on July 26. Proving that her sass is back, Kristen Bell’s Veronica can be heard narrating a barrage of the things she is about to encounter. Do not worry. She is prepared thanks to her weapon of choice.

It has been a long wait to see Veronica Mars back up and running. The character was last seen in the 2014 film, also named Veronica Mars. Last September, Hulu sent Marshmallows (a.k.a. VM fans) into a surge of delight with news of a revival. It will arrive just in time to be a riveting summer watch.

The first season of the revival will be comprised of eight episodes and will center on a mystery hinted at in the teaser. It involves spring break and a killer. That is because the first season’s mystery will entail spring breakers in Neptune, who are becoming the victims of a vicious murderer.

Veronica gets hired by one of the victim’s parents to find their son’s murderer. From there, Veronica sets out to do what she has done many times before: solve the mystery.

Starring in the series along with Kristin Bell will be one of the actress’ recent co-stars from The Good Place. Kirby Howell-Baptiste will star as Nicole, the owner of the most popular nightclub in Neptune for spring breakers. That club is where Veronica comes to believe the killer is choosing his (or her) victims.

As if Veronica does not have enough on her plate; she will also be facing off with a familiar foe. Not only is there a killer on the loose, so is Mercer Hayes. A few months ago, it got announced that Ryan Devlin would reprise his role as the villain from the original series. So, those are two horrible forces circling Neptune that Veronica will have to battle.

For now, no glimpse of the club, spring breakers, or Veronica searching for clues. But, those should be forthcoming as the revival nears its premiere. Veronica Mars’ fans will undoubtedly be excitedly anticipating its release. As difficult as it is to believe, the show has been off the air for twelve years.

Its original run spanned three seasons and two networks. It ran on UPN for two seasons before having its third and final season air on The CW. While a lot got resolved in the movie, there is always a reason to continue the story when there is a private eye involved. And, if fans turns out for this new season, it's possible the cult favorite could return again.

The Veronica Mars revival premieres July 26 on Hulu.

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