Mike Myers Just Got A Netflix Show That Sounds Like His Kind Of Bag, Baby

Austin Powers

Mike Myers is finally jumping on the streaming train, and has partnered with Netflix for a series that sounds like his kind of bag. No, we're not talking about voicing Shrek, or hosting The Gong Show in disguise, although the latter does sound closer to what he has in the works. Myers will be the star and executive producer of his very own comedy series that fans of Austin Powers will almost certainly appreciate.

The upcoming series, which is presently untitled, will see Mike Myers doing what he does best: playing characters. In what sounds like a return to a popular gimmick he's used throughout his comedy career, Myers will star in a half-hour comedy series in which he'll play multiple characters. Unfortunately, the limited series is only set for 6 episodes, although it's entirely possible that Netflix could negotiate for more if it's a hit.

Right now, there's no telling what this new untitled series will be about, although one would think it doesn't have anything to do with Austin Powers. Myers did hint last year he's trying to get things rolling on the fourth installment, although there was no mention of it being rolled out as a series. That said, how cool would it be if it was, or this deal with Netflix eventually leads to Austin Powers 4 being a Netflix exclusive project?

It's more likely that this is an entirely new idea, given Mike Myers has a love of creating bizarre and hilarious characters. Not all of his characters have been hits (see The Love Guru), but Wayne Campbell, Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, and Fat Bastard have each made his character gimmick a hit and one of the more-appreciated forms of his comedy. It would be great to see these characters again, although some new iconic characters could be good as well.

It will also be interesting to see if Mike Myers goes to the bullpen and calls up a few old Saturday Night Live friends for this project. Dana Carvey and Will Ferrell are obvious choices, and maybe even Adam Sandler, considering his relationship with Netflix. It would be great to see those two do something together, in particular, especially given their lack of collaborations outside of Saturday Night Live.

Mike Myers won't be going at this series alone, and is joined in executive producing duties by John Lyons and Jason Weinberg. Associate producers include Mackenzie Cyr and Justin Capraro-Gentuso which rounds out the entirety of what we know about this show so far. We don't even have a release date to expect, so this feels like a very fresh deal between Myers and Netflix.

While it's a bummer we don't have a release date for this upcoming project, there's no shortage of great things coming to Netflix in the near future. Stick with CinemaBlend for the latest on the streaming service, as well as the latest breaking news on television, movies, and pop culture.

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