Gotham Reveals New Selina And Batman References Galore In New Finale Trailer

The end is sadly nigh for Gotham on Fox, and only one episode is left of one of television's most original and wonderfully over-the-top superhero series. As much as fans are undoubtedly bummed that there's only one hour of new footage left before the final credits roll, the finale promises to be a grand event that delivers a lot of what viewers have been waiting five seasons for. A new extended trailer reveals a bunch of references to Batman and introduces the new Selina Kyle. Take a look!

If Gotham has to say goodbye, at least it's going to be saying goodbye in style, and I don't say that just because most of the characters seem to be decked out in formalwear in the finale. Penguin and Riddler look positively snazzy in their new iconic villain outfits. The extended trailer looks like the finale will deliver plenty of the good old-fashioned Gotham goodness while still taking viewers to a whole new era.

There's perhaps no greater symbol of that new era than the new Selina Kyle. Original Selina actress Camren Bicondova revealed last week that the penultimate episode was actually her final episode as the future Catwoman, as well as that The Purge and Banshee actress Lili Simmons would tackle the role for the flash-forward finale.

It may be jarring to see another actress playing Selina after most of five seasons with Camren Bicondova in the role, especially if there are scenes between Selina and Bruce, who will still be played by David Mazouz despite the ten-year jump forward in time. Still, the trailer reveals that Gotham handled Lili Simmons' hair and makeup in a way that she can definitely pass for mid-to-late-20s Selina.

Considering the quick shots of Selina cat-burgling and telling Alfred that Bruce doesn't get to just pop back in after ten years, their reunion probably won't be two former love interests running slow-motion into each other's arms. This could be the beginning of a real Batman/Catwoman dynamic.

Now, as for all those Bat-references, I think this new trailer makes it clear that we're going to get more of Batman than just him busting through a window and then standing on a rooftop in the final moments of the series. The trailer doesn't give a full shot of Bruce as Batman or even David Mazouz behind the cowl, but Jeremiah's hand impaled by a batarang is something I never knew I needed to see but now am glad I don't have to live without.

Penguin ranting about not spending ten years in Blackgate to "give my city to a man dressed like a bat" actually indicates that Batman will be in the thick of the action and not especially shy about being spotted. I did get a laugh out of that line from Penguin.

After all the ridiculousness of the first five seasons to this point, a man dressed like a bat fighting crime is what pushed Penguin over the edge. Harvey seems to agree, based on his "Holy mother--" after he spotted the Caped Crusader leaping from building to building. Oh, Gotham. How I'll miss you.

Flashes of Batman's cape can be seen in the trailer, and Jim unveils the spotlight that will presumably become the future Bat-Signal. The scene of Alfred approaching Jim on the roof and apologizing that Bruce can't join them looks like it might come from the final scene of the episode, which was seemingly teased in the first finale trailer.

Tune in to Fox on Thursday, April 25 to catch the series finale of Gotham.

Laura Hurley
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