Gotham Revealed The First Bat Signal In Season Finale Images

While other TV shows are out there aren't capable of giving viewers the kind of drama that Gotham revels in, Gotham is giving us that drama in droves, and we couldn't be happier about it. As the show heads into its "No Man's Land" finale, Gotham City's underworld is seemingly stronger and more maniacal than ever, thanks to the brothers Valeska. Which means the city is in need of a hero like no other -- a bat-hero, if you will -- and Gotham is delivering a sweet dose of Batmania in the season finale, by way of a giant rooftop spotlight.

gotham bat signal jim gordon

Some Gotham fans take issue with the way Gotham chews up and spits out the comic details that came before, I love how bewilderingly unpredictable the show can be because of that. And so i cannot wait to see how the show will introduce the Bat Signal's prototype before there is even a Bat symbol to put inside of it.

Clearly, it won't be initially discussed with flying mammals in mind, but it'll likely be set up as a non-phoneline mode of communication presumably between James Gordon and Bruce Wayne. It's certainly possible that others will be involved, but another new image proves these two are definitely connected when it comes to giant lights in the sky.

gotham bruce jim bat signal

It doesn't look like there's anything too large and specific being projected on the spotlight just yet, but wouldn't it be interesting if Bruce and Jim immediately agree to use a bat symbol for it, as inspired by the bat-dude in Bruce's wacky dreams? The source material almost always sets Bruce Wayne up as a crimefighter first, with the bat imagery being incorporated later, but what if Gotham first uses the symbol of a bat as a way to cause unrest in Gotham City's underworld, and then has the still-developing Bruce bring the bat in later. That would almost make sense, given how Gotham has already delivered on so many comic book elements that probably shouldn't have been around until Batman existed in full. After all, they could have made Alfred's vehicular gift to Bruce a bright yellow minvan, but they went with a tproto-Batmobile.

Head to the next page to see a couple of new looks at Jeremiah's "Don't Call Him The Joker" villain.

On the opposite side of the coin from Batman's virtues -- and we're not using Harvey Dent's coin -- is Jeremiah's seemingly more grounded villain, possibly just called J. It looks like he'll be getting into a bit of trouble, which is putting it mildly. (Watch this trailer to see what I mean.) But in the image below, which is in its unedited glory, Jeremiah is all cuffed up and is looking none too pleased.

If you'll notice, his face is also looking a little roughed up beneath the pale makeup. The right eye that's more visible under the light is discolored, and the left eye looks to be almost completely closed. Jeremiah isn't someone who seems ready-made for a fistfight, but I guess he can't keep his cronies around him all the time.

You can get a better look at Jeremiah's botched face in the image below, in which Bruce is giving someone a billion-dollar side-eye.

jeremiah and bruce gotham

Gotham airs Thursday nights on Fox at 8:00 p.m. ET, with its finale airing on May 17. Be sure to bookmark our season finale rundown, and to see what new and returning series will be on the way when Gotham is resting its weary bones, head to our summer premiere schedule.

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