Power's 50 Cent Ends Public Feud With Co-EP Over $1 Million 'Loan'

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Power’s 50 Cent has ended his public feud with Randall Emmett, one of his fellow executive producers on the hit series. It was an online feud that involved a reported $1 million loan that 50 Cent said that Emmett owed him. Over the weekend, he announced that he wanted Emmett to pay it.

The actor and rapper shared news of the payment and subsequently, dropped feud via social media. The update is still up on 50 Cent’s Twitter account, as of this story. It brings an end to a dispute that originated and continued to develop on social media. The feud manifested over the weekend and involved Randall Emmett and his fiancée, Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent.

50 Cent said that his fellow Power producer owed him $1 million for a loan, and requested payment by Monday, April 29. That money ended up coming by the deadline that 50 Cent had set. Now to some background info about that loan.

According to 50 Cent, Randall Emmett owed him the money after borrowing it six years ago, per People. Six years later, 50 Cent said he had yet to get reimbursed. Emmett was reportedly apologetic over the owed money and by Saturday, had allegedly paid 50 Cent a fourth of the payment.

As of Monday, that payment has been made in full. So, after a lot of back and forth between 50 Cent, Randall Emmett, and Lala Kent on social media, the feud seems to officially be over.

In his tweet sharing news of the payment, 50 Cent added that after receiving the money, he had “no problem with Randall Emmett.” He went on to wish Emmett and his family “a very blessed day” and sent out “positive vibes.” That is definitely a positive sign for the behind-the-scenes action on Power.

50 Cent is a co-executive producer on Power with Randall Emmett. Along with that behind-the-scenes role, 50 Cent also starred on the drama as Kanan Stark. Stark was the former mentor of the series’ central character, Ghost. As of Season 5, that all changed with a mind-blowing twist.

In a shocking turn of events, 50 Cent’s Kanan was killed off the show in a police shootout following a betrayal. It turned out to be the culmination of a storyline long in the making. Following the episode, Power’s creator Courtney Kemp, revealed that Kanan’s death was in the works for a while.

Fans will have to wait and see if 50 Cent continues to be an on-screen part of Power via flashbacks. Viewers are currently awaiting Power’s sixth season, as well as potential spinoffs of the popular Starz series. How about a Kanan-centric prequel for fans who were upset about his death?

A premiere date for Power Season 6 has not gotten set yet, so stay tuned. When the series returns, it will do so on Starz.

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