50 Cent Buys 200 Seats To Ja Rule Concert Just So They'll Be Empty

50 Cent Power

50 Cent and Ja Rule haven't been friends for quite a long time. The competing rappers haven't kept their bitter feelings a secret from each other or the general public, and that was proven exceptionally at one of Ja Rule's recent concerts when 50 Cent threw an incredible prank on his fellow rapper.

In an expensive and elaborate way to throw serious shade on Ja Rule, 50 Cent admitted on Instagram (numerous times, in fact) that he went all out and purchased 200 front row tickets to Rule's concert, only to leave the seats completely vacant when it came time for Ja Rule to come onstage and perform at the show. How did 50 Cent go about performing this stunt? Through Groupon, it appears. The rapper discovered that tickets for Ja Rule's show were on sale for 15 bucks a pop, and he decided to buy a whole bunch of them, only to leave the concert venue exceptionally vacant when it was time for 50 Cent's longtime archnemesis to come on stage and perform his concert. If you're want to stick it to your enemy, you better go big.

If we do some simple math here, that means 50 Cent likely spent upwards of $3,000 just to get the last laugh. And that's not even counting the taxes and fees that were likely included with each purchased ticket. Such a costly joke is likely one of the main reasons why 50 Cent has gone through bankruptcy before. (Insert your own joke about 50 Cent being strapped for cash here.)

To add insult to injury, 50 Cent wasn't afraid to admit that he purchased the tickets just so the seats could be empty, and the "Candy Shop" rap artist wasn't afraid to taunt Ja Rule publicly through the social media forum. Here are just a handful of the comments made by 50 Cent in his attacks on Ja Rule.

I just bought 200 seats in the front so they would be empty. LOL ... Lol at $15 a pop you can't lose, I got 200 tickets for 3 bands... What a show, I mean just fucking great. Do it again my kid went to the restroom. LOL

As we mentioned earlier, 50 Cent is in dealing with some financial stuff at the present moment and was sued earlier this year over revenge porn. From an economic standpoint, perhaps the prank was a bit careless. Yet, 50 Cent appears to be happy with the results, and it is 50 Cent's money, after all. If that's how he wishes to spend his fleeting cash, then so be it. Ja Rule, meanwhile, hasn't spoken out about being brutally embarrassed by 50 Cent through this recent stunt. We don't know if Ja Rule has something up his sleeve as far as getting 50 Cent back for this, but if he does come up with a clever way to take 50 Cent down after this concert fiasco, we'll be sure to report about it right here at CinemaBlend.

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