Jersey Shore's The Situation Looks Jacked And Happy In New Jail Uniform Photos With Co-Stars

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has been serving his jail sentence for tax evasion since January of this year, and while very few people enjoy being locked up, he's making the best of it. Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans got a good look at Sitch for the first time since he surrendered himself to authorities, and he's looking very different. The pictures were uploaded to his social media by wife Lauren, who visited him along with his other MTV co-stars.

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It's the MVP reunion the world didn't know it needed. Vinny and Pauly D (who currently have a dating show airing on MTV) showed up with Mike's wife Lauren, and Sitch looks thrilled to see all of them. He's seen sporting his jail uniform, and what looks to be two giant cannons on each arm. Seriously, we heard from Snooki he was getting in shape, but who would've expected those massive pythons even after all this time?

The Situation is often seen with a smile on his face, but he's really beaming in these pictures. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star looks extremely happy to see his wife and friends, which isn't too surprising given what he's been through. Still, even Vinny had to call attention to Mike's excitement in the photo via Instagram, saying he looks happier than he does.

Why this dude glowing more than me and he locked up?

Mike Sorrentino may be thrilled because he's officially on the back half of his sentence, at least in terms of jail time. After that, he'll be required to do two years of supervised release, which could inhibit some of what he's able to do on Jersey Shore Family Vacation. That's not too big of a deal, really, as it seems like everyone has something going on that will affect their ability to be their usual selves on future seasons.

Speaking of which, it's still up in the air how much Jersey Shore Family Vacation will feature Mike in prison. We do know that his wedding will be featured in the new season, and that Season 3 is set to air before his release later this year. That means MTV would have to have some camera crews in the jail house, which could show audiences what Mike's life has been like on the inside.

Which is something Jersey Shore Family Vacation fans would like to see, if only to show the full story behind Mike's transformation. A man who was once the franchise's greatest villain of sorts has made a genuine turnaround thanks to his sobriety, and has reportedly even been helping other addicts through their issues on the inside. Who doesn't want to see that?

We'll know if we'll be seeing more of Sitch in prison soon enough as MTV is bringing back Jersey Shore Family Vacation for Season 3 this summer. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for all the latest updates on television, movies, and pop culture news.

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