The Jersey Shore Cast Already Has A Nickname For JWoww's New Boyfriend

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As the summer premiere date of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 draws ever closer, there's been some interesting developments in the life of JWoww that fans may want to know about. It looks like the soon-to-be divorcee is back in the saddle and out on the dating scene, and she's got a new beau that could be along for the ride. Things are serious enough the cast has given him a nickname, which JWoww has revealed to be "24."

Unfortunately, this isn't because he looks like Kiefer Sutherland, but the number is tied to him personally. It's actually a reference to the boyfriend's age, and perhaps a subtle way to point out the 33-year-old JWoww is on the prowl for young blood following her ending things with Roger Matthews. JWoww told It's Happening With Snooki & Joey things aren't quite locked down on the divorce front, but she's moving past it.

I wish it was over but it’s not so I decided to move on and I moved on with a 24-year old. Life is a fucking roller coaster but it’s very enjoyable. I’m living my best life right now.

So, what's 24's name when he's not being referred to on Jersey Shore Family Vacation? People confirmed JWoww's new boyfriend's real name is Zack Clayton Carpinello, and that he's a professional wrestler from Albany County, New York. Carpinello isn't a part of the WWE circuit, but has appeared on television a couple of times via some smaller promotions across the world. Perhaps Snooki could put in a good word to the McMahons on his behalf, considering her short stint?

For now, 24 and JWoww just seem concerned with enjoying their romance. The Jersey Shore Family Vacation star has not been subtle in flaunting her man on Instagram as of late, and recently posted a photo of the two of them enjoying a day at Universal Studios.

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Meanwhile, JWoww's soon to be ex-husband Roger Matthews has gone on the record to say he's happy for her, which is far kinder than he's been since the proceedings have started. Matthews had been on the offensive since news of the divorce had first been filed, and has made surprising allegations about her relationship with the rest of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast.

Roger Matthews had even publicly stated he's interested in being a part of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3, although MTV hasn't revealed whether or not the new season will feature any scenes with him. We also aren't for sure whether or not 24 is going to be a part of Season 3, although JWoww's comments seem to imply he will get a mention or two.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation will return to MTV this summer. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for more updates on the latest and greatest television shows, movies, and pop culture.

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