More Stargate SG-1? Richard Dean Anderson And Amanda Tapping Have Us Hyped For A Comeback

Stargate SG-1 reboot

Stargate SG-1 was a vibrant and popular brand on television for an entire decade and much of that had to do with the chemistry between leads Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping, both of whom recently appeared together for a Stargate SG-1-themed Q&A at Wales Comic Con.

Obviously, when any casts of formerly popular shows reunite, there’s always a question from the fanbase regarding whether more from the series in question may be in the cards. This was true recently, as well, but instead of the usual hemming and hawing, Amanda Tapping had a real update, noting conversations have happened and a Stargate SG-1 continuation could be a real thing down the line.

I know that there’s interest from MGM, for sure, to try to revitalize the franchise in some way. And I know, having talked to Brad, that they’ve approached him about it. It’s not black and white, for sure. I think it would be great to revisit it, even if it was a series of movies, like Movie of the Week-type movies, or a limited-run miniseries. I don’t think that’s out of the question.” I think it’s more possible now than it was, say five years ago.

So, why is it more possible? Well, if you look at what Netflix and even network TV has been doing with reboots like The Conners, Fuller House, Arrested Development and so on and so forth, there has definitely been interest in revisiting properties that are popular with fans.

In particular, Tapping told the audience that a Stargate SG-1 reboot has been an idea the parent studio has latched onto previously, so this may not be as out of left field as you might think, even given what Dean Devlin said about not being involved with the potential project(s) about a year ago.

I think the idea of it has been germinating for a long time now and MGM has actually seemed to have latched on to that idea. And because there are so many shows that are being rebooted, it’s more possible now than it ever was. So never say never. I think it would be quite fun to revisit it for a period of time.

Even Richard Dean Anderson noted he was enthusiastic about the Stargate idea at least, revealing,

My initial statement will be, ‘God, I hope so.' Because there are elements of working with that group that is just so dynamic, and so wonderful and comfortable and creative. We had a freedom with each other that, you know, I haven’t seen or experienced in other venues.

These days, Richard Dean Anderson is pushing 70, and his original character on the show, Lieutenant General Jack O’Neill, retired from Stargate SG-1 back in Season 8, but would continue to make guest appearances on the show and its various spinoffs in the time following. I could absolutely see him continuing in some sort of capacity such as this, with Tapping’s Samantha Carter maybe moving into more of a permanent base commander role. There's a lot of different ways this could go if a continuation or revival were to move forward.

For 214 episodes, Stargate SG-1 plugged away over on Showtime and later what was then the Sci Fi Channel. Despite major casting changes later on in the series, the show lasted 10 seasons, spawning two cable spinoffs in Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: Universe, as well as online series Stargate: Origins.

Amanda Tapping joked throughout the Comic Con panel about certain plots Stargate SG-1 could do “when the show gets picked up again,” so clearly she’s at least happy to play along with the what-ifs of a potential reboot, even as she also envisions herself and Richard Dean Anderson “going through the Stargate with walkers.”

Still, it looks like both of them would at least be game to do something, whether that be a miniseries or parts in a potential remake. Without even trying, they’ve gotten us hyped for a comeback after all.

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