9-1-1's Season 2 Finale Shocker Almost Didn't Happen

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for 9-1-1's Season 2 finale. Read at your own risk!

There have been plenty of things to be excited about throughout 9-1-1 Season 2, but after the finale there's one big thing for fans to worry about. Buck survived a tragic accident, but it's looking like he may never work again. It's a shocker that, surprisingly, almost wasn't a story until it was added in the script's late stages. Showrunner Tim Minear explained the decision to add the storyline, as well as how the truck accident would've played out originally.

The thing with Buck was actually a last-minute addition to the script. I mean, we did have him pinned under the fire truck, we did have him imperiled in the middle of the story, but the idea of saying he may never work again, that was a late addition. I think it just made it so much stronger and so much better, and I think Oliver has never been better on the show. His scenes after he wakes up in the hospital, his scene with his sister [Maddie], his scene with Ali (Tiffany Dupont), his stuff when he comes back to the firehouse to celebrate Eddie's (Ryan Guzman) end of probation. Oliver has never been better, so I was very excited going forward. Plus, Buck having a crisis that's not about sex? I think is good.

It's clear Tim Minear is a big fan of Oliver Stark's performance as "injured Buck," so one may expect 9-1-1 to continue the story when it returns. Given how emotional the scenes were when we saw the firefighter dealing with his injury, Buck's in for a rough ride. That's good news if Oliver Stark was looking to bring more emotion to his character, but bad for fans who were fine with Buck just having "sex problems."

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Of course, Buck's trauma from the incident will likely make the dramatic firetruck bombing all the more memorable. That's a good thing as Tim Minear told Entertainment Tonight filming the scene was no easy feat. The emotional sequence took place over the course of two nights with the explosion and driving filmed on the first night, and all the acting and bomber confrontation scenes on the next night.

So, will Buck actually be able to get back on the job? Right now, the only thing Tim Minear will share is that the 9-1-1 firefighter will find his biggest enemy is not the injury, but his stubbornness. Minear teased that Buck will struggle with his own impatience, as evidenced by his continued push for a surgery against the advisement of his doctor. If Buck continues to push himself, his timetable could be set back.

Well get to see Buck's road to recovery as 9-1-1 is confirmed to be coming back for Season 3. Be sure to keep up with CinemaBlend for more updates on the series as it gets closer to time, and stick with us for the latest and greatest entertainment news.

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