9-1-1: Chimney Is On Death's Door And Maddie Fights Back In Intense New Trailer

9-1-1 is no stranger to killer cliffhangers, and it can always be counted upon for some bizarre twists. Last week's episode ended on a brutal note when poor Chimney was stabbed by Maddie's crazed and abusive ex-husband. Unfortunately for folks hoping to learn if Chimney will live or die in the latest episode, the hour was devoted to Chimney's origin story as a first responder. While interesting, it didn't answer the big question. Well, judging by the trailer for next week's episode, answers are on the way.

If you were hoping for a sign that everything would be okay before the end of the next episode, the trailer with Chimney on death's door and a bloodied Maddie fighting for her life probably wasn't too reassuring. Chimney is at least apparently alive when help arrives, and paramedics turn up to take care of him. Still, when a tearful Maddie asks the dastardly Doug if Chimney is dead, he says that Chimney will be if he's not already.

Doug clearly was looking to kill when he stabbed Chimney, in a piece of terribly tragic timing, as Chimney and Maddie were finally poised to go out on a first date. Assuming both Chimney and Maddie survive their encounters with Doug, his attack could put a damper on any attempts to further their relationship.

Still, we shouldn't start worrying if they'll ever get a date at this point. We should just cross our fingers that they both live. Will poor Chimney never catch a break? Hopefully his ambulance isn't struck by an asteroid or swallowed by a sinkhole or something before they get to the hospital. This is 9-1-1 we're talking about, after all. I wouldn't rule out a shark-nado at this point. At least we can probably rule out it being too Viagra-related.

Maddie will clearly be bloody and beaten, but not broken. Doug doesn't seem to want to kill her. He apparently wants to win her back. Whatever happens between when they leave poor Chimney bleeding out and arrive at what appears to be a cabin, Maddie keeps her wits about her and grabs a weapon at her first chance. She gets her hands on a fireplace poker, and he gets whacked in the face for his lapse in judgement. Way to go, Maddie!

Sadly, although he goes down, he's not down for the count, as Doug can later be seen chasing after Maddie, bleeding from the eye and determined that she can't run forever. She did keep her grip on the poker when she ran. The final shot of the trailer doesn't look too great for Maddie. She and Doug can be seen lying motionless in bloody snow, side by side.

Maddie looks like she might have been seriously hurt, but we'll have to wait for the episode to air to know for sure. 9-1-1 wasn't about to spoil the ending in a 30-second clip! Tune in to Fox on Monday, April 1 at 9 p.m. ET to catch the resolution of the Chimney and Maddie cliffhanger this midseason. 9-1-1 was recently renewed along with another popular show, so there's no need to worry that the show will be done for good at the end of this season.

Laura Hurley
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