New Amsterdam Cast And EPs Weigh In On That Cliffhanger

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 1 finale of New Amsterdam.

Just when everything seemed to finally be resolved, New Amsterdam hit its characters with a devastating blow. The freshman NBC series concluded its Season 1 finale with the crash of two ambulances. One of which was carrying Max, his newborn baby Luna, Max’s wife Georgia, Dr. Helen Sharpe, and Dr. Lauren Bloom.

Only Max and baby Luna appeared to be unscathed (for the most part). Georgia, fresh from a dramatic and almost life-ending at-home birth, was whisked away on a gurney. Unfortunately, Helen was not shown, leaving her status entirely unclear. However, an unconscious Bloom could also be seen getting medical attention.

The cast has no idea who has gotten killed off the show. To be clear, a series regular character will die as the result of the cliffhanger in the Season 1 finale. How is Max going to handle the aftermath of these three important women in his life being in this accident? Ryan Eggold replied by telling TVLine:

I think Max will be changed as a result of this finale. [...] It's going to sort of be a new character. Not a new character, just he's going to be changed. It’s one of those life events that I think will shift the way you perceive the world and yourself. And so I think it will be interesting to explore that next year.

As it stands, Bloom, Helen, and Max’s wife are in jeopardy. None of the actresses know which of them will not be returning alive for Season 2. If you have your theory as to who will pass away, allow yourself a few more possible clues.

New Amsterdam executive producers, David Schulner and Peter Horton, weighed in on the dramatic Season 1 finale. When asked about who was under the sheet and why viewers are not shown Helen, Horton told TVLine he wanted fans to ask those questions during the break.

He also divulged that the reveal will occur during the Season 2 premiere. David Schulner added the cast does not know who will die before saying:

You have seen the lawyer who stole the ambulance, he’s clearly dead. But we don’t want people to think, like, we’re playing a fast one and he’s the one who died. In addition to him, one of our key cast is dead, and that’s the question for the hiatus.

Whoever it is, it is going to be sad. So, while fans are undoubtedly curious to find out who is gone, it is going to be a downer either way.

Make no mistake: the reveal of who is getting killed off New Amsterdam is being kept top secret. When asked if the decision regarding who is dead has already gotten made, David Schulner said:

We have. Peter and I have, but like Peter said, the cast doesn’t know yet. We felt it important and regrettable that we had to keep that secret from them.

It is really tough to figure out which way New Amsterdam is going to go with this cliffhanger. Helen is the female lead of the show, so it stands to reason that she will survive. Plus, she has so much story left to tell.

Georgia surviving the crash right after she barely survived giving birth seems like too many near-death experiences for her to escape. She was already in bad shape. Then again, the new mother dying right after she survived seems too cruel of a twist.

Bloom has been in and out this season. In the Season 1 finale, she saved Georgia and baby Luna. She also seems to have a lot of storylines left to tell. This is a cliffhanger that is really between Georgia and Bloom, in my opinion. It is all so sad. New Amsterdam has set up a tragedy either way.

Tune in to find out who is the victim of the tragic twist when New Amsterdam returns for its second season on NBC.

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