Dirty John Season 2 Is Coming, But On A Different Network Than Bravo

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Dirty John’s first season aired on Bravo and proved to be a hit in the ratings. The series will be returning for a second season, but Season 2 will not be heading back to the home of The Real Housewives franchise. It has a new destination and a new storyline in the works.

Dirty John Season 2 will be switching from NBCUniversal’s reality show hot spot to the more mystery-centric USA. That’s right, Dirty John is going to be on same the network as the crime drama The Sinner, per THR. The move marks the series’ transition to a destination filled with similar genre fare.

Dirty John’s first season aired late last year, launching in November and concluding in January of 2019. It will be a while longer before its next installment hits the airwaves. Season 2 will reportedly arrive on USA at some point next year.

It will be interesting to see if USA sticks to that holiday-timed launch or settles on a spring/midseason release. If Season 2’s story is also set in sunny California, it could be a stronger seasonal fit for a debut. Plus, the cheerful mood of the holidays and growing competition from Hallmark’s holiday movies could prove a challenge.

Outside of its new broadcast home and air date window, there is not a whole lot more known regarding Dirty John’s second season. As an anthology, Season 2 will reinvent itself, shifting gears entirely from the narrative established in Season 1.

Season 1 focused on the sordid true crime story of Debra Newell and John Meehan. The latter of whom tangled Debra and her adult daughters in a web of deceit before it all culminated in a shocking crime.

The true crime story at the center of Season 2 has not been revealed yet. It has reportedly been settled on, with producers fine-tuning it. Dirty John's first season was an adaptation of the smash hit podcast of the same name.

Connie Britton will stay on board as an executive producer. There is no word on whether she will also star in it. Season 1 writer Alexandra Cunningham will return to pen the second installment.

It is tough to speculate on what new story Dirty John has settled on. There are tons of toxic relationships and true crime stories to pull from. The true crime genre has gotten incredibly popular in recent years with podcasts leading the charge.

Time will tell what story enters the Dirty John equation, as well as if its new broadcast platform leads to a grittier feel for its the follow-up.

Dirty John Season 2 premiere in 2020 on USA. There are plenty of TV options to watch in the meantime, so be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest news about the small screen.

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