The Falcon And Winter Soldier Disney + Series Could Feature More Captain America: Civil War Stars

Just because Avengers: Endgame isn't done raking money in at the box office doesn't mean we can't start obsessing heavily over the MCU's future on the small screen, particularly where news about Disney+'s upcoming Falcon & Winter Soldier miniseries is concerned. Fans will be interested to hear that the action-tinged drama will likely welcome back two characters that haven't been seen since Captain America: Civil War: Daniel Brühl's Zemo and Emily VanCamp's Sharon Carter. Let's discuss.

At this point, nothing appears to be locked down just yet, with Daniel Brühl and Emily VanCamp currently in talks to sign on for Disney+'s new project that'll focus on Anthony Mackie's Sam "Falcon" Wilson and Sebastian Stan's Bucky "Winter Soldier" Barnes. It's confirmed that the in-negotiations actors would be reprising their former roles, though, and considering things got this far in the process already, it's likely they'll be involved with the final Falcon & Winter Soldier project.

Daniel Brühl's Zemo

As fans will remember, Daniel Brühl took on the role of the comic book villain Helmut Zemo for Captain America: Civil War, though the familiar moniker was toyed with throughout the film. Wisely, the Marvel sequel chose not to kill Zemo off after his malicious machinations set up Civil War's superhero showdown, and it was stated around that time that the villain was possibly being set up for larger stories down the road.

With Avengers: Endgame putting a pin in certain sectors of the MCU's first three phases, it's obviously a good time to bring fan-favorite characters back from previous projects. Daniel Brühl's Zemo could be just the villain that Falcon & Winter Soldier needs to kick things off on the right foot, depending on where this storyline is heading.

Because – surprise, surprise! – knowing that Zemo and Sharon Carter are probably going to return for Falcon & Winter Soldier does not offer fans any notions about how they would be used in the show. The plot, and anything more than the most basic logline, is being held back from the public until closer to release. That made some sense with Avengers: Endgame just hit theaters last month, limiting what could be revealed before that. But now that just about everyone and their grandmother's neighbor has already watched the movie, can we get some more details?

It's known that there were some original plans to have Zemo and Bucky's connection be a major thread for Captain America: Civil War, rather than just serve as the B story. Perhaps there are some elements from that version of the outline that will survive on in Falcon & Winter Soldier, or perhaps learning about Sam Wilson's Endgame promotion will be enough to inspire a second villainous run for TV. (Not that anything has been confirmed about how that gamechanging twist will be handled for the Disney+ series.)

Emily VanCamp's Sharon Carter

Emily VanCamp's potential return for Falcon & Winter Soldier is the far more curious news here, all things considered. While Daniel Brühl was lauded for his work as Zemo, Marvel fans were less kind about Sharon Carter's time within the MCU, though it's never necessarily been a knock on VanCamp herself.

Not only is/was Sharon Carter an information-tracking member of the CIA, but she's also a great-niece of Peggy Carter, which is a connection that will no doubt get explored more in Falcon & Winter Soldier if her character gets used. The reason why audiences were largely dismissive of Sharon is because the film seemingly set her up as a love interest for Steve Rogers, viewed as a bad call, and then took her out of the story altogether. She was reportedly meant to return in Avengers: Infinity War, but that didn't happen.

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No danger of seeing Sharon and Steve getting hot and heavy in Falcon & Winter Soldier, but the events of Avengers: Endgame do invite some unique questions about how Emily VanCamp's character will get developed. SPOILER WARNING for anyone who hasn't yet watched Avengers: Endgame**.**

Through the time-travel shenanigans that Steve Rogers goes through in order to fix all the Stone-related issues, it became more apparent that Captain America is actually the father of Peggy Carter's children, whose existences was introduced in Captain America: Winter Soldier. That parenthood notion was more or less confirmed by the Avengers: Endgame screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, so how will that familial connection get used in Falcon & Winter Soldier?

That's assuming it will get brought up again, of course. It's entirely possible that it could all get waved away with a hand, with Sharon Carter entering the story solely for governmental agency purposes. But it's not the likeliest technique to go with.

Just to put it out there, Sebastian Stan recently brought up the idea that Bucky Barnes could go on a date during the course of Falcon & Winter Soldier. He was seemingly speaking in general terms about how the TV show could let Bucky enjoy more traditional elements of everyday life. However, is it possible that Sharon will come back as Bucky's love interest? That certainly wouldn't rile up anyone in the fanbase.

Currently in the midst of filming Kingsman: The Great Game, Daniel Brühl hasn't taken on any other comic book roles since Captain America: Civil War, though he's been in flicks suck as The Cloverfield Paradox and 7 Days in Entebbe. On the TV side of things, he'd recently starred in TNT's crime mystery The Alienist.

With 2016's Boundaries as the only post-Civil War film for Emily VanCamp, the actress has kept busy on the small screen, where she first made a name for herself on the dramas Brothers & Sisters and Revenge. Most recently, of course, she's been starred in Fox's medical drama The Resident.

Will there be strife between Steve Rogers' best friends whenever Falcon & Winter Soldier starts up on Disney+? We currently have only the slightest inkling of what'll happen, but rest assured that we'll be digging hard into trailers and images for the new show when they become available.

Disney+ is set to go live for streaming customers on Tuesday, November 12, though the company hasn't yet confirmed the entirety of movies and TV shows that will be available at launch. As well, Falcon & Winter Soldier and the other upcoming live-action Marvel shows – such as WandaVision and Tom Hiddleston's standalone Loki series – have yet to get any locked-down release dates. So stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news as it becomes available to us.

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