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Watch Kristen Bell Hilariously Miss A Dax Shepard Question On Hollywood Game Night

America's Red Nose Day 2019 has come and gone, and while many celebrities came together to raise money for a great cause, the night was not without its casualties. The biggest loss of the night was suffered by Kristen Bell, who rather embarrassingly missed a question related to her husband Dax Shepard on Hollywood Game Night. Watch Bell go up against The Voice's coach Kelly Clarkson, and be a little too late with the buzzer.

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Ouch, that one had to hurt. It had to hurt even more with one of Hollywood's iconic mean character actresses Jane Lynch to drive the shame from messing up even further home. Kelly Clarkson gets second place for piling on the shame unintentionally by mentioning prior to the question she hadn't known the last names to any of the celebrities that had been mentioned earlier. Who doesn't remember Jonah Hill's last name?

With that said, this isn't about Kelly Clarkson. This is about Kristen Bell getting a question wrong about her husband in a game about rhyming last names, and her not being quick enough to say "Shepard leopard." It's certainly not grounds for divorce or really even a heated discussion on the ride home, but man, she did seem a little embarrassed she dropped the ball for her Hollywood Game Night team.

Now, we can't say for sure whether it was the difference maker in Hollywood Game Night, but it's worth noting that Kelly Clarkson's team was ultimately triumphant over Kristen Bell and the rest of their crew. To be completely fair, Team Kelly Clarkson was on a roll the entire episode, and would continue their dominance thanks to her fearless and perhaps not so humble playstyle that really emerged in the song guessing ball pit game.

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Of course, all the gloating and anguish done by the celebrities was mainly in jest, as everyone walked away a winner during this special episode of Hollywood Game Night. The money gained all went towards Red Nose Day efforts and helped raised additional money towards helping eliminate child poverty on a worldwide scale. The game show was preceded by the annual Red Nose Day special, which featured plenty of celebrities, and musicians that helped raise awareness to the cause.

In total, Hollywood Game Night helped raise $150,000 total, which is quite chunk of change and well worth any embarrassment Kristen Bell may have had for missing a question related to her husband Dax Shepard. The world will forget soon enough, and quickly revert back to remembering the two of them as one of Hollywood's cutest couples.

Red Nose Day is over for this year, but summer television roles on from now until the leaves start to fall months from now. Stick with CinemaBlend for updates on the best summer television, and more news related to movies, great shows, and pop culture.

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