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Star Trek Vet Kate Mulgrew Talks Patrick Stewart's Picard And Chances For Janeway Comeback

Kate Mulgrew Star Trek: Voyager

Since it's been revealed that Patrick Stewart will reprise his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, fans have been eager to hear if other Star Trek actors will reprise their roles for Picard. So far, we've seemingly learned who won't appear, and it's looking like another actress can be added to that list. When asked about what she'd like to explore with Captain Janeway 20 years later, Kate Mulgrew didn't have an answer but did have some thoughts on Stewart's decision.

I don’t know. It surprised me when Patrick came out on the stage—I was there that day—and announced it. It surprised me that he wanted to. But I think he knows it will probably have a shot at being quite a hit. And there’s no one who likes to work as much as Patrick Stewart. And for him it will probably be very successful. Picard was beloved. Yeah, it’ll be interesting.

The fact that Kate Mulgrew hasn't given a lot of thought about what's happening with Janeway in her later years would seem to imply Mulgrew is not involved with Picard at the moment. That's not to say she will never be involved, however, as Mulgrew added to that her reprising the role would be a bridge she'd cross if it came up, although she added it's not something she's "entertained."

Revisiting Captain Janeway isn't something Kate Mulgrew has thought about even though Star Trek: Voyager's 25th anniversary is coming up and Orange Is The New Black (where Mulgrew plays Red) is coming to an end at Netflix. When pressed a bit on the question, Mulgrew revealed that Janeway may not be too keen on the world checking in on her again, perhaps blending her own thoughts with the character's.

I don’t know what to say about Janeway. Seven years is a long time to play a character. I’m not sure that she would enjoy resuscitation. She was a very, very vibrant person, while she was.

The questions surrounding Kate Mulgrew returning for Picard are worth asking, as despite Star Trek: Voyager being a different series, their two characters were around at the same time. It's not necessary that Kate Mulgrew appear as Janeway in the upcoming CBS All Access series, but her reprisal could make for a cool moment for fans who want to check in on the character at the same time as Jean-Luc just to see the contrast of their lives.

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Got a hankering to binge Star Trek: Voyager? Those that do are in luck, as it's currently available on most every major streaming service. As for Picard, it's set to premiere on CBS All Access before the end of 2019. Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on what's happening with that series, and to read up on the latest news in movies and television.

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