Kit Harington Is In Rehab Reportedly Over Stress From Game Of Thrones Ending

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There's been a lot of drama following the ending of Game of Thrones, with fans and stars alike making their voices heard following Season 8. Whether Kit Harington has seen any of that is unclear, as it's recently been revealed that the actor has been in a rehab facility for quite some time. Reportedly, he checked himself into a luxury facility in Connecticut for a "mental health retreat" due to stress from the series ending and alcohol use.

As for what drove Kit Harington to seek professional help for his stress, it's being reported that he took the end of Game of Thrones really hard. Harington checked into the Privé-Swiss facility weeks ahead of the finale's airing, and is believed to have been there for around a month. Page Six received confirmation on his time there from Harington's rep, who said the following regarding the recent news:

Kit has decided to utilize this break in his schedule as an opportunity to spend some time at a wellness retreat to work on some personal issues.

The alcohol use has been mentioned by multiple sources, but no details imply that's the primary reason for his stay. It has been reported his wife, actress and former Game of Thrones co-star Rose Leslie, has been "very supportive" of Kit Harington's decision to seek out professional help. The help Harington's receiving includes psychological coaching, mindful meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy among other things that come along with the $120,000 monthly charge for spending time at the facility.

A friend of Kit Harington's reportedly said the ending of Game of Thrones was particularly hard on the actor, in the sense that he's struggled with what comes next for him and the fact he's no longer doing the HBO series. Harington has admitted that the ending of the series affected him deeply in interviews predating this recent development, and his emotional response to the series finale itself was recently shown in the documentary on the final season, The Last Watch.

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It seems clear that Game of Thrones meant a lot to Kit Harington based on that scene, and it's not surprising to hear anyone would struggle after leaving a job they've had for the better part of a decade. While it's unknown how long Harington will stay at the facility, the actor has been spotted around town by locals who live near the facility, so it's not as though he's barred from leaving. Hopefully, he finds the help he's seeking.

In the meantime, debate on Game of Thrones rages on with fans still offering opinions and takes long after the finale. If it wasn't a sure thing before, Season 8 has certainly become the most polarizing season in the series, with fans simultaneously criticizing and defending different parts of it. Whether Kit Harington is aware of all this is unknown, but one would wager he'll learn of it eventually if he hasn't already.

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