Reading The Game Of Thrones Finale Made Kit Harington Cry Twice

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Game of Thrones fans are getting some behind-the-scenes insight into production on the series' eighth and final season. Well, if you are getting emotional just thinking about it, the cast has already been to the edge and back. Reading the scripts for the final season moved Kit Harington to tears -- twice.

The table read, last October, marked the first time Jon Snow's portrayer had read the scripts for the final season. So, when during that table read, with the whole cast there, he was not prepared for the content to come. For reference, the scripts were sent out to the Game of Thrones cast electronically before the formal table read took place.

Kit Harington and his co-star Liam Cunningham were the only cast members who, apparently, did not read the scripts ahead of time. Not for lack of wanting to on Cunningham's side according to EW's cover story. Despite trying, he could not open them. Harington's reason for not reading them ahead of time? Because he wanted to find out what happened for the first time alongside his friends.

With all that Jon Snow and Davos have been through together, there is poetry in their portrayers both going into that last table read without knowing what was to come ahead of time. All of this brings us to the reason why Kit Harington cried at the table read for the second time. Harington explained, saying:

The second time was the very end. Every season, you read at the end of the last script 'End of Season 1,' or 'End of Season 2,' This read 'End of Game of Thrones.' And you realize, okay, it's really happening.

It is emotional to even read about Kit Harington telling EW this. Nearly a decade had been spent leading to that point. Then, in an instant, that moment arrives. Seeing the words "End of Game of Thrones" in print is enough to bring on chills for fans, so you can imagine how all of those involved in the show must have felt when they read that phrase for the first time. Sharing that he cried is a strong indication of just how invested Harington has been in the show. You do not spend nearly a decade playing a character without being connected to your character and the story you're helping to tell.

The first time Kit Harington cried is cause for curiosity. Had he read the part in Season 8, where Jon Snow finally reunites with his younger siblings, Arya and Bran? Had that long-awaited moment been so emotional to finally read that it made Harington cry? It would make sense if it had.

So much has happened to them in the time since they last saw each other. The thought of them reuniting and all the Starks being together at the same place is almost too much to take. It is one of the few reunions still left on the table for Game of Thrones, and one would think reading that it finally comes to pass would have been cry-worthy.

When you think of someone being moved to tears, you tend to think of something bad happening. Perhaps, though, there was something happy in those scripts, instead. Of course, death occurring on Game of Thrones is not a far-fetched thought. Even with the final season being limited in its potential main cast death count, there is no reason to fear that will change in Season 8.

We will all gain a clearer picture of the mystery plots that may have made Kit Harington cry when Game of Thrones' eighth and final season premieres on HBO, sometime in 2019. The amount of fall premieres happening in the meantime should help fans cope with the wait.

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