Thomas Markle Is Really Mad About Lifetime's Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Movie

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Meghan Markle’s father is weighing in on a new movie that portrays the events leading up to his daughter’s Royal Wedding to Prince Harry. Thomas Markle has taken aim at the Lifetime movie Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal. It is the network’s sequel to its 2018 film, Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance.

The new movie premiered on Memorial Day. While the first television film dramatized Prince Harry and Meghan Markle falling in love and getting engaged, the sequel dramatizes the pair’s Royal Wedding. Well, Meghan Markle’s dad, who obviously had particularly close ties to the movie’s real-life events, is not thrilled with Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal.

Thomas Markle has spoken out to TMZ regarding the new movie. The site reports Markle as being “incredibly disappointed” in how Lifetime depicted the dramatic lead-up to his daughter’s wedding to Prince Harry.

Royal watchers will recall the headline-making events that ensued before and after the ceremony. Those events are alluded to in the trailer for Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal. In it, Meghan can be heard confronting her father and telling him that he “did stage those photos.”

Thomas Markle reportedly disagreed with how his not being able to attend his daughter’s wedding was presented in Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal. Before the ceremony, Kensington Palace issued a statement by Meghan Markle where she said that she hoped he would be “given the space” he needed to “focus on his health.”

Thomas Markle maintains that, contrary to how the movie made it appear, it was not possible for him to attend due to his heart surgery. Meghan Markle’s dad also reportedly said that he never told his daughter and Prince Harry that he could not attend the Royal Wedding.

He called that untrue and said other aspects of the movie are comprised of “dumb fiction.” What can be said for sure is that in the end, he did not attend his daughter’s Royal Wedding. Accordingly, Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles, ended up walking his future daughter-in-law down the aisle.

Since the Royal Wedding, Thomas Markle has publicly pleaded for his daughter to let him back in her life. He also revealed that he watched the Royal Wedding, and said his daughter was “beautiful.” As for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, their lives as Royal newlyweds have marched on.

After their wedding, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continued their first year of marriage. Married on May 19, 2018, the couple welcomed their first child almost a year later on May 6, 2019. The Duchess and Duke of Sussex subsequently announced the arrival of their son, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

Lifetime has already made a movie about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship and wedding. Could a film about them becoming parents be next to complete the trilogy? Lifetime and royal enthusiasts will have to wait and see if a potential “threequel” covers Thomas Markle. Stay tuned.

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