Grant Gustin Shows Off His New Tattoos Honoring The Flash (And Arrow)

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The Flash’s Grant Gustin and his wife, LA, have gotten coordinating tattoos. The couple, who got married last year, took yet another step in newlywedded bliss. Gustin took to Instagram to share a black and white photo of their arms together.

The first picture shows off an “arrow” tattoo. Swiping over reveals a second picture, wherein Grant Gustin displays his newly acquired Flash ink. Check it out:

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Make sure you swipe to see The Flash tattoo. The artist who did it, Mr. K, really nailed the speedster’s logo! It almost looks 3-D. Apparently, it will not be the last session that Grant Gustin does.

The actor said that he cannot wait for his and Mr. K’s next session. He added that it is going to be “insane.” I wonder what Grant Gustin has planned. Perhaps, a full blown tattoo of the scarlet speedster? Or a tribute to Oliver Queen and Barry Allen’s friendship? You never know.

After all, The Flash’s existence would not be possible without Arrow. Following the announcement that Arrow would be ending with its eighth season, Grant Gustin praised his frequent co-star, Stephen Amell. The duo’s friendship is pretty legendary in the Arrow-verse. So, it is not surprising that Amell did not miss a beat regarding Gustin’s first pictured tattoo.

If you noticed that Grant Gustin and his wife’s coordinating tattoos featured an arrow, you are not alone. Stephen Amell picked up on it too. It is something that he expressed an appreciation for in the comments section of Grant Gustin’s post. In a comment that has received more than 16,260 likes, Stephen Amell wrote:

Pretty cool that an arrow connects you guys.

That is pretty cool! You have to imagine that the Arrow connection may have occurred to Grant Gustin and his wife. If not, he always has that definitively purposeful Flash tattoo. The Arrow-verse is in his skin.

When The Flash returns, it will do so for its sixth season. The CW series is not getting any less agile with age. There is a potential romance on the horizon between Ralph and Sue. Plus, a former actor would like to reprise his villainous role.

Will Grant Gustin’s tattoo get written into the show? Could Barry Allen have ink on The Flash? It would make sense for Barry to get a little something to commemorate his time as the superhero. Being The Flash has literally changed his life. It has clearly impacted Grant Gustin’s.

Actors commemorating the show they are on is not entirely out of the ordinary. Game of ThronesEmilia Clarke did the same following the series’ final season. Grant Gustin has opted to go ahead and get his done early. The Flash will return alongside its new timeslot companion -- Arrow -- later this year.

The sixth season of The Flash will premiere this fall on The CW. New episodes will air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET with Arrow following at 9 p.m. ET. In the meantime, there is a lot of summer television to enjoy.

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