Grant Gustin Got Married In A Flash This Weekend

Grant Gustin is known for getting things done in a fast fashion as Barry Allen, i.e. The Flash, in The CW's The Flash. This weekend, he tied the knot, saying "I do" to his new wife, LA Thoma in what sounds like a lovely ceremony. Considering the couple only got engaged last spring, all one can say about this news is, well, that was certainly quick! You can see Gustin and Thoma in an image from their weekend wedding, below.

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The wedding was confirmed by Robert Stein, Grant Gustin's manager, on his Instagram account. Stein confirms that the wedding was a private affair with friends and family. It was also somewhat secretive -- as far as celebrity weddings go. But that doesn't mean the nuptials weren't a bit ... flashy.

As far as the specifics of the wedding are concerned, it took place on Saturday at Valentine DTLA, according to E! News. Built in the 1920s, it is considered a massive 9,000-square-foot venue. So, it didn't seem to be a subtle affair. While the couple didn't post about the wedding on social media, it was reportedly a star-studded event. Celebs at the wedding include Supergirl's Melissa Benoist, Max Chucker, Daveed Diggs, Adam Kaplan, Jared Loftin, Ben Ross, Leela Rothenberg, Taylor Trensch, Chris Wood, and Renée Mittelstaedt, to name but a few guests in attendance.

Grant Gustin and LA Thoma were engaged back in April 2017, although they kept the particulars of their relationship secretive. There were reports claiming that they were married in private in Malaysia, but Gustin previously shot down those claims, saying that the story was "incorrectly reported." Thoma told Anna Faris they were "spiritually married" before they officially got married, and this weekend wedding seems to be their way of making it confirmed, legally and whatnot.

As the couple described on Anna Faris is Unqualified in the summer, Grant Gustin and his new wife were engaged in what she called a "tribal ceremony" where they professed their love to each other in front of a wide group of people. So, in the couple's views, they were "pretty married," but they didn't sign any papers or do any official documentation before this ceremony this month. So, now they are not only "pretty married" but they are really, truly married to each other.

And it sounds like it was a gorgeous ceremony, even if all the details were not released to the public, yet. Regardless, we wish the newly married couple many congratulations as they embark on married life -- especially now that it is official. We'll be sure to keep you posted on all the details as they arrive.

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