MTV Is Rebooting Punk'd And Singled Out For Streaming Audiences

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This is not a prank. MTV is bringing back two reality-based series from its earlier era. Punk’d and Singled Out are making a comeback. Get ready for a blast from the past. Both shows are getting the reboot treatment with a twist.

The originally Ashton Kutcher-led series that pranked countless celebrities is on its way back, as is Singled Out. MTV has ordered 20 episodes of both a rebooted Punk’d and Singled Out, per TVLine. There will be two crucial differences between the reboots and the originals. The new episodes will only last for 10 minutes.

Is that enough time to explore Punk’d and Singled Out’s premise? Singled Out took a competitive field of 50 potential dates to find a contestant’s ideal match. Bringing 50 down to one in ten minutes sounds intense. Maybe they will drop the field from 50 to 25?

Punk’d’s original structure seems more conducive. I could see a single celebrity getting pranked in 10 minutes. Of course, they would have to be a bit elaborate.

As for where these episodes will air, that is the second important twist. They will be released exclusively via streaming and not broadcast on MTV. The new episodes of Punk’d and Singled Out will be available on Quibi. It is described as a “mobile-first media technology platform.”

For those who want a refresher on Punk’d’s history, keep reading. Punk’d premiered in 2003 and ran until 2007. The original series featured the jaw-dropping pranking of Justin Timberlake. In Punk’d’s premiere, they convinced Timberlake that his assets were being seized due to unpaid income taxes.

A few years later, it was brought back via a reboot in 2012 with a bevy of guest hosts that included Justin Bieber. A 2015 reboot of the series aired on BET.

Singled Out originally ran from 1993 to 1998 on MTV. It was hosted by future Talking Dead anchor Chris Hardwick and eventual Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy. Carmen Electra ended up replacing McCarthy for Singled Out’s final season. Just last year in 2018, Singled Out was rebooted for MTV’s YouTube channel. Rappers Justina Valentine and Conceited co-hosted the show together.

Hosts for the upcoming new episodes of Punk’d and Singled Out have not been announced yet. There is no shortage of celebrities to prank. Many new ones who have emerged since Punk’d has been off the air.

MTV is in a state of nostalgia. They are bringing back The Hills with a revival that will see many familiar faces back in action. A trailer for it recently got released, which showed off Heidi Montag and newcomer Mischa Barton. There is also the ongoing popularity of the Jersey Shore revival, which has the situation with The Situation.

There is no word on when Punk’d and Singled Out’s new episodes will begin streaming on Quibi, so stay tuned. Summer has no shortage of offerings to watch in the meantime.

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