How Much Will Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 Use Mike The Situation?

Mike The Situation Sorrentino Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3 will debut on MTV this summer, and fans will get to see a breakdown of all the crazy things that happened to the various cast members following the end of Season 2. Of course, Season 3's filming got bamboozled by Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino serving jail time for tax evasion, which has led fans to wonder just how much of the season will feature the reformed party boy.

It appears we finally have an answer to that, thanks to co-star Vinny Guadagnino, who is currently co-heading a sorta-spinoff dating series with Jersey Shore co-star Pauly D. Vinny explained that while Mike is locked up at the moment, Season 3 will still feature him quite a bit.

We filmed a lot of Season 3 already, because we documented Mike's wedding, and his court, and leading up to [him going to jail], so Mike's gonna be a huge part of the season. And in the time since he's been away, we haven't really even been filming that much. Because we can't really do the show without Mike.

It sounds like Jersey Shore Family Vacation managed to get a fair bit of footage in the can before The Situation went off to face his jail time, and according to Vinny, movement on Season 3 has somewhat stalled without him in tow. As Vinny told Entertainment Tonight, it's hard to do the show without Mike.

At least in the traditional Jersey Shore format anyway. Vinny Guadagnino teased there are always other ways for the show to get content without shoving everyone together in a snazzy vacation home while waiting for tempers to flare. For better or worse, all of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation stars have had some life-changing experiences in the past few months, some of which may be shown on screen.

Other noteworthy events in the stars' lives may be glossed over, however, since Vinny indicated there has been less filming ever since The Situation reported to jail. One would imagine Jersey Shore Family Vacation cameras were rolling when Vinny and Pauly D went with Situation's wife Lauren to visit her hubby, however, along with Snooki's recent baby shower. JWoww's new boyfriend might get a spotlight as well, and we're wondering about her ex.

With that said, those events would be popping up later in Season 3, if Sitch's wedding is being covered. One can presume that filming for Season 3 started around November 2018, or possibly a little before. Situation reported to jail in January, so if Vinny's statement about less filming is taken at its word, then Season 3 may spend a lot of time focused on those more dated experiences. Or maybe Vinny just wasn't around while others were filming smaller sections.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is coming to MTV this summer. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for updates on the new season, and for more news in the entertainment world.

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